What We Offer in Summary

Every organization is different, yet the underlining need for maintaining security is the same.  Our company DBA Binary Fusion, offers variety types of customized IT consulting managed and non managed types of services for different organizations, ranging from small, medium and large size businesses.

  • Whether you are looking for ad-hoc consulting help or managed service, our company can help your company realize that need.
  • In addition to providing customized services we also have developed our very own solutions helping companies take control of their network.
  • While delivering our customized service for different organizations we utilize our very own developed solutions such as FusionCLM. FusionView and others, helping customers save money and minimize ris

Our flagship Solutions & Services include:


Our security eccentric customized connectivity service based on the Zero Trust architecture uniquely crafted specifically for customers seeking to protect their employees while reducing complexity of their remote networks and on premise networks.


Our multi factor identity validation service for customers seeking to fortify their security.


Our flagship certificate life cycle management and PKI software designed, to help customers with asset discovery, cert expiration, and renewal


Our flagship customized unified portal solution designed to visualize customer's sensitive KPIs in a single pane of glass.


Our customized Enterprise Monitoring service designed to help customers visualize their enterprise applications, devices, as well as cloud and on premise infrastructure.


Our customized service offering for Machine Learning and AI model building, pre-processing, forecasting and more.


Our answer to automation of custom scripts, business processes, software testing and more.


Customize solution offering for customers seeking to take control of their external and internal device and application vulnerabilities.


Customized solution offering for companies seeking to not only identify vulnerabilities, but also patch them.

Why Customers Pick Us

Automation of Applications

Automation of monolithic and microservice  types of applications, software testing and quality assurance. Helping companies minimize manual tasks in every day operations and reduce costs by leveraging custom built automation scripts for your enterprise infrastructure, ranging from automation of APIs to orchestration of complex resources.

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Expertise in Cloud and On Premise Environments

Expertise in AI and ML with multiple clouds AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, Serverless Lambda Functions, Docker containers, and beyond as well as on-premise network & app infrastructure environments.

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Unified View

Custom-built view bridging your micro-services and monolithic application, infrastructure, and monitoring need all in one portal.  For example, ServiceNow, Jira, CMDB, BMC Control M and Microservices all in 1 portal, helping customers visualize, slice, and dissect data as well as create reports, trends, and forecasts, based on results of any data, either coming from your on-premise or in cloud environment

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Based on Zero Trust Connectivity Architecture

Get your on site locations and  remote office work force or IoT devices connected with the help of custom solutions  designed to keep companies secure, while protecting employees form malicious threats.

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Authentication & Authorization

Customized Multi Factor Identity Validation as as service offering, Helping customers authenticate and authorize their applications, users and devices using certificates and other methods of validation.

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Internal & External Vulnerability Assessment

Customized solution for companies seeking to take control of their vulnerabilities.  Our service offering includes framework implementation and management of internal or external vulnerabilities.

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Certificate Management & PKI Software

Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM) and PKI services and solutions for companies seeking to take control of their certificate validation and enrollment needs, helping companies minimize major incidents.

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Kubernetes Microservices & Serverless Monitoring

Serverless, Microservices, and Monolithic monitoring as a service for customers seeking to visualize their Enterprise environment ranging from on premise devices, IoT, Serverless lambda functions and cloud applications.

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Internal & External Vulnerability Assessment

Customized managed service solution offering for customers who are looking for not only continuous identification of vulnerabilities, but also  for software patching, helping companies resolve vulnerabilities quicker.

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Our Consulting Managed & Non Managed Services & Solutions

AlphaCICE & Alpha FusionView Service Details

Minimize false positive, duplicate alerts with AlphaCICE central intelligence correlation engine. AlphaCICE and unify all of your tools AIOPS events in a single pane of glass with Alpha FusionView. See how Alpha FusionSmart Enterprise Monitoring service that Alpha Technologies offer ties it all up together in context of multiple ITIL best practices phases.

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AlphaCICE – Central Intelligence Correlation Engine

Minimize false positive, duplicate alerts with AlphaCICE central intelligence correlation engine. AlphaCICE is a custom solution and service offered by Alpha Technologies that is specifically designed for financial industries seeking to take control of their incident management process. Incident Managers can maximize their operational effectiveness through streamlined operationalized workflows, by relying on correlated supervised and unsupervised AIOPS classified intelligence fetched from your already existing monitoring tools. AlphaCICE is explicitly designed to reduce multiple events into a single actionable event that matters most, by empowering data owner operators with prescriptive & AI & ML driven recommendations

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Alpha Digital Transformation of Applications & Tech Stack

Alpha Digital Transformation solutions for all size businesses seeking to secure their legacy application in order to minimize risk, while in parallel migrate the application and tech stack into modern API invokable and event driven ecosystem helping data owners get closer to their data.

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Alpha AWS | AVD | Office 365 Virtualization Solutions

AWS Desktop and Network Virtualization solutions and services for small, medium & large size companies seeking to solve high latency connectivity related problems, while maximizing security.

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Alpha FusionChain Innovative Solution for BlockChain Database and Monitoring

Migrate Your Legacy applications to Blockchain faster and safer without disruption of the existing workflow. With our tool kit we can help companies build, deploy maintain and manage Blockchain architecture helping you revolutionize your microservices and decentralized architecture. We can build Blockchain networks for multiple use cases ranging from NFTs, Crypto, MetaVerse and beyond.

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Alpha FusionAuto Solution | Automation | RPA Bots

We Secure Analyze & Connect Your Network Our company offers, customized IT solutions for different types of organizations seeking to  reduce risk, secure their enterprise, maximize return on investment and best of all save money. With Alpha FusionAuto we can help companies create customized automation workflows for in house applications, networks, machines and devices across

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Alpha FusionML Machine Learning NLP & Anomaly Detection Solution

With Alpha FusionML solution customers can identify abnormal behavior within their data set based on the customized machine learning models, specifically crafted per customers use case, forecast data, and view entire chain set of their data.

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Alpha FusionView Data Single Pane of Glass Tool

Alpha FusionView is a software that helps companies visualize their network, microservices & monolithic application, infrastructure, cloud, in a single pane of glass. Unify your existing business data in a unified portal. Make sense of your data, analyze trends. Reduce ingestion costs from other tools by utilizing Alpha FusionView, reduce risk.

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IoT Mobile Vehicle M2M Solutions

Our company specializes in consulting services where we help businesses get connected to the cloud at an affordable price. We get to connect the dots and provide you the best options for how you can connect your IoT or M2M devices to the cloud securely.

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Zscaler Proxy Integration Solutions

Zscaler ZPA | ZIA | ZDX | NSS Integration and consulting services for financial companies, seeking to connect work from home employees to AWS network.

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AWS VPN Tunneling Solutions

AWS VPN Tunneling solutions and services for small, mid-size, and large size businesses looking to connect their on premise networks to the cloud.

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Multi Factor Identity Integration and Validation Services

We can help secure your environment by setting up identity integration for your mobile, on premise and cloud devices prior to any of the devices getting on your network.  

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