Alpha FusionView Data Single Pane of Glass Tool

& Connect Your Network

Our company offers, customized IT solutions for different types of organizations seeking to reduce risk, secure their enterprise and visualize their workflows, applications, networks, machines and devices.  One way we do this is through our very own built software called Alpha FusionView.  Where within Alpha FusionView we cater visualizations of KPIs in the direction of customer’s needs based on the use case.

What is Alpha FusionView?

  • Alpha FusionView is our data analytic single pane of glass software designed to visualize different business transactions, applications, infrastructure, workflows and a lot more.
  • It’s a uniquely created software by Alpha company with  DBA Binary Fusion as subsidary, based on years of experience working with different customers and  architectures, specifically designed with data visualizations bells and whistles that help companies visualize their data landscape, identify anomalies as part of our Alpha FusionML software offering, conduct forecasting and a lot more.
  • With Alpha FusionView customers can get valuable business and infrastructure/application data insights that can help them minimize risk and save money on data ingestion costs.
  • What makes this software so unique is that it can be hand crafted for almost any type of workflow, to produce data visualizations and historical trend data.
  • Plus with custom integrations that we have already done for with other data visualization tools, our company can help organizations unify their data directly from their existing SIEMs, CMDBs,  business analytic or enterprise monitoring tools.

Data Visualization Software

Here is what Alpha FusionView can visualize

Alpha FusionSmart Enterprise Monitoring Solution .  The solution that can help customers visualize their in office and remote user connectivity by inter-combining multiple data sets from business application data, and infrastructure data, and unifying it all in a single pane of glass. 

Imagine being able to visualize your existing connectivity to see which employees are working more effectively, for how long they are logged in, where did they log in, how much time they spent being logged in etc.

We can Visualize in a unified view your critical connectivity infrastructure.

Our company works with different types of vendors, ranging from Sophos, Fortigate, Checkpoint, Cisco, Ubiquiti, Splunk including Zscaler and many other vendors helping customers interconnect their branch offices to AWS or Azure, GCP clouds as well as visualize critical KPIs in Alpha FusionView.

With the help of Alpha FusionView software we can help companies visualize wired and wireless connectivity of remote and in office users. Additionally we can visualize workflows and critical KPIs that attributed to employee’s performance.  


Alpha FusionView Visualization Done Right
Rome Wells
Network Consultant

What type of other data visualizations Apha FusionView supports

In addition to visualizing infrastructure related data Alpha FusionView can visualize containerized micro-services and monolithic types applications, in combination of different types of business KPIs fetched from customer’s CMDB like Device 42, ServiceNow or others.

Custom Integration with your IDP

Azure SAML and SCIM provisioning Integration with Alpha FusionView

Our tool integrates with Azure, Okta and other types of IDPs, and supports IDP initiated authentication, making it easy for your users to get access to the tool through a signle sign on.

MultiFactor Authentication Integration with Alpha FusionView

  • Many companies prefer their employees have single sign-on with Multi-Factor authentication as part of the corporate security policy. Maintaining multi-factor authentication through Azure or Okta and making it work with Alpha FusionView is part of our solution offering.  Say goodbye to the good old days remembering passwords.
  • Our customized dashboards can be shared with users through user email or UPN. Our tool can adapt towards your environment.

Data Slicing and Dicing of data is done with Alpha FusionQuery Language or short for AFQL.

  • Grabbing data and visualizing data is done with the help of our Alpha FusionQuery Language.  We have created customized operators that allow us and our customers visualize data, chain the data together using concept of distributed tracing, parse logs, and extract metrics.
  • AFQL is very intuitive and easy to pick up type of language.  When working with different customers we constantly enhance our operators and introduce functionalities based on different types of customer use cases.
  • With Alpha FusionQuery Language we can extract data from multiple data sets, chain it together with critical events helping customers pain the whole picture of their environment.
Stitching data together from multiple data sources is no longer as difficult as it used to be.
Rome Wells
Network Consultant
Visualize your Data with 100% confidence

Alpha FusionView Use Cases

Imagine needing to visualize your entire infrastructure landscape side by side with application performance and business transactions in order to identify which employees logging into company’s network, when how and for how long.

With Alpha FusionView we can help visualize

User Interactivity and how busy the employee is

  • Interconnectivity between in office employees and your identity systems such as Cisco ISE, OKTA, environments.
  • Interconnectivity between remote employees and your already existing Zero Trust Connectivity vendors.
  • How long it takes for user to stay logged into your Zero Trust Architecture.
  • What applications and websites users browse.
  • How many times screen went into sleep mode.
  • What tickets users created.
  • What internal pages they accessed.
  • How many collaboration tools they logged into.
  • How many total key strokes and mouse clicks user executed by date.
  • What switches/routers/devices user logged in and what changes were done.
  • How many emails sent, and change controls executed.
  • How idle the user is on Teams or Zoom or other types of collaboration software.
  • Location of the user and  trend of activities over time.

Helping companies visualize employee productivity based on department, work from home or in office type or other criteria.

Desktop Tools accessed

Desktop/Laptop tools accessed and commands executed.

  • What commands user typed in command prompt. 
  • What processes utilized the most.
  • What types of connections initiated.
  • What type of installations attempted.
  • User Login Failures
  • Applications accessed.

Enterprise Monitoring

Full infrastructure visualization

  • Zero Trust Connector Health Monitoring for CPU, Memory, connector health status, and beyond.
  • Application Health Monitoring.
  • Health Monitoring of User connections.
  • Web Log & Advanced Firewall  Monitoring.
  • Alpha FusionSmart – Monitoring logs & metrics in customer’s SIEM such as SumoLogic, Splunk, or DataDog or any other tool and unifying them in Alpha FusionView.
  • Integration services with ServiceNow through SumoLogic or FusionView.
  • Custom Dashboard Creation for AWS Workspace, Azure, AVD, Zscaler ZIA, ZPA, Authentication or any other type of KPIs, side by side with business transaction monitoring.
  • Custom Alerts creation based on advanced outliers, logs/metrics.
  • Monitoring Agents Instrumentation for servers, and other types of devices.
  • FusionAuto: Automation of Zscaler API-driven scripts for infrastructure health monitoring.
  • FusionML: Machine Learning model building and creation of advanced monitoring and forecasting.
  • FusionView: Custom API integration for monitoring outside of Zscaler Portal in a single FusionView unified portal, intermixed with other application health monitoring, including business transaction monitoring through the use of distributed tracing, metrics, and logs.

Professional Services (Network & Security Engineering)

First-time setup and continuous support.

  • Creating  advanced types of application integrations  and creating workarounds and permanent solutions while unifying them in Alpha FusionView
  • Integration services with AWS, Azure, and IDPs.
  • Single Sign-On Visualization of SCIM, SAML authentication attempts.
  • Advanced Firewall Integration with your existing SIEM or other monitoring tools and Alpha FusionView.
  • NSS and Sumo Logic or Splunk Integration for web logging or advanced firewall logging.
  • Isolated DMZ configuration and integration with on-prem environment for apps that are vulnerable, that require isolation.
  • Custom creation of app profile policy integration and creation to suit developer’s Zscaler operational workflow.
  • Procedure creation for the Infrastructure Operations team and the company’s employees.
  • Advanced proxy configuration for collaboration applications such as Teams, Zoom, AWS Workspaces, Azure AVD, etc, and others.
  • The naming convention maintenance for Application Segments, Server Groups, Application groups, connectors, and Segment Groups.

Cyber Security 

  • MITRE & ATT&CK threats utilizations.
  • GDRP,NIST, ISO 27001 Standards visualization in relationship to vulnerabilities in Alpha FusionView
  • Vulnerabilities visualizations in Alpha FusionView fetched from our customized Alpha FusionScan solution.
  • Patches visualizations in Alpha FusionView fetched from our Alpha FusionPatch solution

Educational & Knowledge Transfer

First time and continuous driven effort.

  • Educational Playbook Generation for company employees ranging from regular users, IT staff, and beyond.
  • Creation play books, and escalation procedures in confluence/SharePoint for business and infrastructure types of applications.

Professional IT Consulting

For Small Large & Medium Size Businesses

Alpha FusionView custom data visualizations consulting for different type of data visualization use cases, combined with machine learning, anomaly detection, forecasting and beyond.

How we can help

Alpha FusionSmart

Packaged solution Service for companies seeking to visualize their data set from multiple tools, while infusing and unifying it critical data in Alpha FusionView.

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Extensible, secure infrastructure monitoring for Hybrid IT

Alpha FusionView can help monitoring everything in your IT stack, in one SaaS platform in combination with all of your application data ranging from.

  • Automatic Data correlation.
  • Certificate Alpha FusionCLM certificate lifecycle management visualization.
  • Apps, Databases, Containers, Servers, Storage, Network, Logs in context.
  • Anomaly Detection and forecasting with Alpha FusionML.
  • AIOPS early Warning Systems, 
  • Data Chaining
  • Topology Mapping using tracing.
  • All sorts of telemetry based monitoring  for different use cases such as IoT, Machine to Machine, Software Defined Networking traffic, and beyond.

Cost Analysis & Savings

  • When many of our customers reach out to us, rarely does every customer know all the associated costs with the solution, simply because there are many factors associated with monitoring data.
  • As part of our Alpha FusionSmart  solution offering, we help customers pick the most optimal cost-effective options for their data visualization needs. 
  • For example if customer already has their SIEM there is no need to incur additional costs with some thing that may already does the job, and instead rather supplement that SIEM with Alpha FusionView software helping you save money on data ingestion costs.
  • Many companies out there try to sell solution that have absolutely everything… In our case we hand pick the features that are truly needed for your use case to make your solution tailored towards your business need.

Licensing cost Analysis

When purchasing any type of data visualization software there  are always fees, we help you reduce these fees, by utilizing our framework for data ingestion reduction for your very own existing data visualiations software.

We can help you analyze these heavy data licensing costs fees and shrink them by extracting features that makes sense to leverage into Alpha FusionView. 

We can warp your need around Alpha FusionView to fit your data visualization, use case based on your existing workflow with optimal  amount  of aggregated data shown in dashboards, without breaking your pocket.  K

We are vendor agnostic

It doesn’t matter with which vendor you are dealing with, we are vendor agnostic. 

  • Some vendors may be better than others when it comes to individual solution needs.   
  • Our role is to recommend the best vendor to help you save money
  • Regardless if you are looking for firewall in the cloud solution or Zero Trust type of solution, we can help you integrate it.

Our professional IT Consultants don’t just speak the vendor language, but rather speak the protocol language.  

Think of it this way every vendor who builds some type of solution is relying on some type of protocol to make the solution work.

Our company has specialized IT Alpha Team members  who are well versed with both on-premise and cloud types of architecture, regardless if it’s AWS, Azure, Google.

Monitoring Employees working remotely or in office settings can be challanging.


How do you visualize and measure employee productivity in hybrid connectivity settings?

Every workflow is different, hence the complexity behind visualizing such workflows.

For example some company’s have employees working in hybrid settings from home and in office.

In addition to that, every department is different increasing complexity of identifying KPIs relevant to employee production even further.

Additionally many of the companies are having trouble gathering data from each of the employee due to improperly designed non-Zero Trust Architecture, making it very hard to get data from every device.

Quantifying KPIs that pertains to productivity, and visualizing them requires inter-combination of multiple skill sets.

One thing is to identify KPIs relevant to productivity of the employees based on department…  the other thing is to visualize these KPIs and identify what appears to be normal and what not.

Many data analytics tools on the market have expensive ingestion fees.

Meaning even if you do succeed in identifying KPIs.  Ingesting the data associated with these KPIs can be expensive.  Since many of the tools on the market have high data ingestion costs.

Identifying data sources and ingesting the critical KPIs requires multiple layers of expertise.

Meaning every company’s tool is different and so are the employees and the departments using these tools.  Identifying methods of integration for how to grab data, and present it in a unified single pane of glass tool….requires entire Venn diagram of skill sets. 

Data gathering is difficult to do without Zero Trust Architecture

Meaning many companies out there use traditional VPN connectivity when connecting their devices to corporate network…  that are not only lacking in security, creating unnecessary backhaul traffic and maximized risks in vulnerabilities, but also pose risk from the standpoint of visibility… making it very difficult to visualize data based on application layer.

Monitoring employees in general requires literally analyzing the workflow of users and departments

Meaning identifying exactly what the users are doing, what tools are they using then extracting the important statistics out of each tool and reflecting that in a time series graph among with other data that can help C-Level Execs detect trends…..

Visualizing Productivity of employees requires knowing where they are logging in from....

Meaning how do you know if user is logged in from office or remote?  How do you visualize all that?  How do you know if employees are working more effectively from home or from office?

Visualizing Vulnerabilities and seeing Trends of resolution can be hard

We often find many companies struggling to visualize trends for their vulnerabilities. Every vulnerability pose risk specially if it’s exploited and that risk can cause less productive employees.


Alpha FusionView

Single Pane of Glass Data Visualization all in one

With Alpha FusionView our company can help organizations take control of their enterprise visibility, their network, infrastructure and critical business transaction data by visualizing it all in a single pane of glass, helping companies minimize risk and save money on other data ingestion tools.

Data Ingestion Cost Saving

Our company can help customers visualize their critical business data, and have developed frameworks and processes for how to reduce data ingestion costs in comparison to other Data analytics tools.   As part of our Alpha FusionSmart Enterprise Monitoring solution, our data analytic, and data science experts can help your IT staff aggregate data from multiple source of data in our Alpha FusionView tool.

Customized Data Visualization Per each individual workflow

As part of our Alpha FusionSmart Enterprise Monitoring solution offering we can help companies slice and dice the data, and work with your existing business subject matter experts from each of the departments to create customized data visualization solutions per each department.

Machine Learning Forecasting & Anomaly Detection

As part of our Alpha FusionML Solution offering we can help companies not only visualize data and show entire chain of events associated with that data, but can also help companies detect anomalies and conduct forecasting of important transactions, that can help companies spot abnormal behavior quicker, and get notified about it.

Simplify Data Gathering & Reduce risk.

As part of our Alpha FusionTrust Solution offering we can help companies transition to Zero Trust Architecture maximize data visibility based on application connectivity rather than IP, and offload logs, Metrics & traces directly to our Alpha FusionView tool, helping companies visualize their data and employees a lot more effectively.

Visualize Behavior of users and critical business transactions

As part of our Alpha FusionSmart offering we can help companies analyze many of the user’s behaviors and visualize the behavior in Alpha FusionView.  For example some users constantly log into Jira to create tickets and some to ServiceNow, while others browse the web and do other tasks.  We can visualize all this data and summarize it into intelligent views all within single UI>

Visualize Productivity of Hybrid Users

As part of our Alpha FusionAuth  solution offering we can help companies implement identify, authenticate and authorize their employees and devices, in order to extract valuable insights for how user/machine is authenticated, where from, in office or out of office and visualize it all in Alpha FusionView helping you visualize employee productivity in office and out of office side by side.

Visualize Vulnerabilities and Their Resolution Trends

As part of our Alpha FusionScan  solution offering we can help companies with scanning for vulnerabilities, and visualizing these vulnerabilities directly in  Alpha FusionView helping IT Security professionals see results of the vulnerability scan, and with our Alpha FusionPatch solution we also help companies patch their devices and show results of the patched devices in context of Trends directly in Alpha FusionView helping companies reduce risk and preserve their employees productivity.

Typical Example of what our customers ask us to do

Remote Access Connectivity Use Case

Note in this use case you will see how multiple Alpha Binary Fusion solutions come together to help customer with specific issues, where Alpha FusionView happens to be small sliver of the solution offering.

We get some customers who reach out to us and ask to connect their work from home employees and 3rd party contractors to their on-premise and cloud networks.

  • Problems that we instantly see is that customers have different types of enterprise architecture, with scattered AWS accounts, and VPCs not being connected at all between one another, relying on archaic policies that are very difficult to maintain.
  • To solve this problem,  we analyze each of the existing AWS accounts, to see what type of security policies are being allowed, what existing VPN solutions are being used to interconnect these VPCs and simply add a connector in each of the VPCs where applicable.
  • In some cases customers have already existing Virtual Private Gateways interconnecting multiple sites together, other customers may have transit gateways with CSR peering through DMVPN network to on premise locations, and some don’t have anything at all.
  • Whatever the case maybe, as part of our Alpha FusionTrust connectivity service offering we evaluate each of the applications, and create granular policies allowing connectivity access for each of the applications on granular basis, utilizing FQDN only as part of the best practices (no IP Addresses, unless absolutely necessary in occasional here and there types of exceptions).
  • Some customers have tons of IoT devices that they want to connect and don’t know how, while others simply want to have secure communication to their AWS cloud over Zscaler or any other Zero Trust architecture type of vendor.

Whatever the case is for every problem there is a unique solution.

  • In the case of customers with AWS cloud architecture, we simply add connectors into AWS cloud, and get them to talk to the Zscaler cloud or our very own custom built Alpha Fusion Trust cloud that we can build specifically for the customer to handle their Zero Trust Connectivity use case.
  • Then after doing so, our Team creates necessary rules either over  Zero Trust Architecture connectors using source anchor forwarding or any other methods to connect customers to their internal and externally facing websites using concepts of Software Defined Networking.
  • At the end of implementation customer’s employees have remote access connectivity to AWS resources and easy way of connecting from home while staying secure while browsing sites. 
  • Additionally by leveraging Alpha FusionTrust Connectivity solution customers not only improved security of their enterprise, but also opened up pathway for getting additional help from our company with our Alpha FusionSmart solution offering that is explicitly designed to help customers continue utilizing their very own monitoring tools that they have already heavily invested in and  unifying critical employee productivity data from multiple customer owned tools directly into Alpha FusionView software.
  • By doing we help customer being able to visualize and monitor employee productivity fetched from multiple data sources including Zero Trust Connectivity resources containing data such as web connectivity logs, firewall logs, or any other critical application or infrastructure data.

Additional Services for Identity Validation and Network Monitoring

In addition to our FusionTrust connectivity servicing offering,  our company also offers multi factor level of validation across either certificates or other validation characteristics helping your networks stay secure. After all, FusionTrust service is all about making sure that the person that gets onto your network can be trusted. Implementing SaaS based offering Zero Trust Architecture is one thing, but maintaining it and ensuring that authentication is granted for only authorized employees is a totally different ball game.

  • After all, when connecting remote employees or machines to your cloud or on premise network, and recognizing who the employees are requires relying on some sort of multi factor level of validation intermixed with all sorts of bells and whistles, making it very difficult for many customers to wrap their mind around for how to actually do such level of integration.
  • Primary reason behind such complexity is the simple fact that there are way too many types of devices, and way too many types of operating systems to keep track of that requires validation prior to getting on customer’s network.
  • Luckily our company has created specialized service offering specifically for customers who are looking to fortify their FusionTrust connectivity with multi factor level of authentication for different types of devices called Alpha FusionAuth.

After Implementing Zero Trust Connectivity, do you think you are done?

Not even close….

After integrating FusionTrust Connectivity based on Zscaler vendor or any other type of vendor. 

  • You also need to monitor the entire architecture, absolutely every single factor associated with the deployment of FusionTrust connectivity including multi factor authentication process, connectors, and entire enterprise for health of application connectivity and your users, which to be honest is not exactly straight forward or no where trivial endeavor.
  • Luckily not all hopes is lost.  Our company specializes in Enterprise Monitoring Solutions helping your critical infrastructure get monitored.
  • As part of our Alpha FusionSmart solution offering we also can help companies visualize their entire environment in tools like New Relic,DataDog, LogicMonitor, SumoLogic, AppDynamics, Zenoss or Splunk, Solar Winds or even in a unified portal called Alpha FusionView  For more info visit our monitoring services.

With Alpha FusionTrust, FusionSmart and FusionView Imagine This.

  • With the help of our multi factor validation service offering, our FusionTrust consultants can help you validate your existing devices prior to devices getting connected to your network.
  • Imagine being able to visualize your FusionTrust enterprise network and it’s underlining dependencies.
  • Imagine being able to visualize business transactions associated with your FusionTrust connectivity as well as infrastructure components.
  • Imagine being able to visualize distributed tracing patterns as users navigate through different types of business transactions and how overall health of your application depends on the infrastructure components, application components and other dependencies.
  • Imagine being able to visualize even complex recurring events that need to be factored into alerting, but require intelligent logic adjustment.
  • Imagine being able to suppress alerts and tackle seasonal type of data, in order to minimize risk of not being alerted when you needed vs when alert is not really needed.
  • Imagine being able to have predictive and forecasting monitoring that can combine previous cyclical data in combination with other factors that are relevant for your environment and be able to get alerted on that.
  • Imaging having different types of dashboards for compliance, operational level and many other levels, in combination with repots being sent to you or other team members helping your team minimize risk and look like a super hero.

Imagine being able to interconnect offices and remote work force or IoT devices across multiple clouds.

Imagine being able to see individual user’s intermediate hops between each hop and see the health state of the applications that they are using.

Well with so many imaginative points... described above, you do not have to imagine anymore.

Simply reach out to our DBA Binary Fusion company tell us your use case and we’ll hit the ground running supplementing your existing IT Staff with super charged monitoring and cyber security expertise, that can help your organization reduce risk and best of all tackle complicated tasks that otherwise would not be possible to tackle without a strong IT Security and Network/Application monitoring expertise.

When contacting us, simply let us know the use case you are working on, what you are trying to integrate, what you need monitored, how you are trying to integrate, what tools you already invested and need help with.  Or simply describe the challenge you are facing.  Our company is very agile and flexible in the way we conduct business.   If interested in our services feel free to reach out to us, so we can share with you some of our service offering demonstrations and see if we can do POC or POV for you.  

We work with financial organizations as our core expertise, but also service other types of industries ranging from real-estate, manufacturing, professional LLCs, accounting firms, health/medical dental, entertainment industries and other types of industries. 

In Summary

  • Visualizing your remote employees and productivity is not so trivial, simply because it often involves in entire re-architecture of your existing traditional networks.
  • Implementing Zero Trust Connectivity  can  be very challenging and almost impossible to configure without advanced knowledge enterprise architecture.
  • With our customized Alpha FusionTrust solution offering, our company makes the complexity fade away by helping you either monitor and manage your existing Zero Trust Architecture from vendors like Zscaler or help you build your own Zero Trust Architecture based on our already established frameworks.
  • Additionally with our Alpha FusionView software we can help companies visualize their Zero Trust Architecture and applications accessed.
  • Picking DBA Binary Fusion as your company’s IT resource for advanced type of Security and  networking integration & Visualization will help you save tons of time, doing it yourself.
  • With so many moving pieces it’s easy to get started doing it yourself and end up being stuck couple of months later.
  • Luckily with our customized Alpha FusionTrust connectivity service offering you do not have to tackle this on your own.
  • Even if you do not need the full managed FusionTrust service offering and only need small part of the service or any of the brother and sister services, such as FusionView, FusionAuto,FusionPatch, FusionScan,FusionML, don’t hesitate to reach out.
  • Our company can create customized solution offering just for your specific enterprise need.
  • Reach out to us, let us know your use case, we can get together analyze what you have, and provide your recommendation on how to move forward with what tool, what to monitor, how to monitor it and can also provide you presentation for some of the services that we did for our other customers in the field of Machine Learning, Certificate LifeCycle Management, Network Monitoring and beyond.
  • If interested send an email to [email protected] or send us a message from the chat icon or fill out the form or call us, and simply let us know your use case.
  • Thank You for taking your time to read about our FusionTrust Services.

Industries We Service and help customers integrate Multi Factor Solutions

Travel and Aviation

We help companies monitor Airport Networks and ATM devices, as well as wireless access points.

Financial Services

Our company helps Loan Processing firms, Banks, and other financial institutions monitor combination of both on premise and in cloud resources.


With Entuity we can monitor Campus networks for real time changes on infrastructure such as firewalls, routers, switches, SDN controllers. 

Law Firms

We also work close with Law Firms and other types of legal organizations seeking to monitor their cloud and on premise resources.


Our company can help customers add foam spray pumps, or any other types of manufacturing devices, or IoT devices into Entuity monitoring software.

Accounting and CPA firms

Our company helps CPA accounting firms monitor their network for newly discovered devices, and changes in data.

Alternative Connectivity Solutions that we can work with

We can help customers with their UTM and Sophos XG or other firewall models get connected to AWS cloud.

We can work with Cradlepoint IBR routers and other types of cellular routers to help you create SDN solution with direct access to the cloud over OpenTLS.

We can help your company have secondary level of remote IPSEC access directly to Pulse Secure Appliances installed in the form of AMI in AWS cloud.

We can help customers get integrated with Zscaler as primary method of communication for remote access VPN, with combination of some other vendor like Pulse Secure in AWS as secondary vendor.


We can help customers create VPN tunnels through transit gateways to CSRs hosted in AWS cloud from the remote branches and we can help run EIGRP over DMVPN tunnels or even OSPF.

We can work with GAIA R77  and up version appliances helping customers get connected to the cloud in either routed or policy based routing way.

We can help customers with Cisco ASA connectivity to AWS cloud, using active and standby type of fail over methods.

We can help with Edgerouter connectivity from behind the NAT devices.  

We also work with customers who have FortiNET environment and seeking help to interconnect their on premise networks to AWS cloud either through built in native features of AWS using virtual private gateways or to Fortigate Appliances in AWS cloud.

Problems and FusionTrust Solutions

Maintaining VPN tunnels is complex, although understandable in a complex multi cloud environment.  Instead FusionTrust connectivity can be used, where your company would rely up on Zero Trust Architecture for inter-connecting your networks, and our company can help you integrate such architecture, either with Zscaler or another type of vendor, whomever is most affordable for your organization’s budget.

Our company can help you dissect cost factors and evaluate multiple vendors for your connectivity needs, including the vendors that you may already be engaged with, providing that they are based on Zero Trust Architecture. (if not than we offer separate consulting connectivity service offering for such cases)

Indeed, not every application is compatible with proxy.  However our consultants can assist with deciphering your existing applications, to see if they could be made compatible with Zscaler Proxy.  Either through the process of bypassing it, or application re-architecture, or modification of connectivity architecture through alternative means of connectivity beyond Zscaler such as your secondary VPN solution provider working in parallel with primary FusionTrust connectivity solution.

  • Luckily there is no CA associated with Zscaler, Zscaler acts like a CA, when it comes to generating keys and associating them with Zscaler connectors.  
  • However, that doesn’t mean that you should just forget about certificate management. 
  • There is still certificate lifecycle management concept being involved just like with every thing else.
  • Last thing you want to do is forget about renewing your cert.  
  • Our CLM and PKI solutions can help your company fortify your FusionTrust connectivity by ensuring that the certificate lifecycle is being managed and not forgotten. and certs are renewed regardless if it’s for individual connectors or for SAML based authentication or any other types of infrastructure that may exist in your enterprise beyond Zscaler.  To learn more about our CLM and PKI solution offering visit this link.
  • Indeed when it comes to FusionTrust connectivity there are other factors that can exist in your environment that may bock such connectivity such as NACLs or inbound or outbound security groups.
  • Not to mention other factors that may exist in your environment, ranging from CrowdStrike agents on laptops, to Zone Based Firewalls on the routers, and Intrusion Detection or IPS types of connectivity restrictions configured on customer’s firewalls.
  • Managing and seeing all of these connectivity restrictions is the key, after all FusionTrust connectivity relies on the underlining connectivity sort of like BGP relies on already pre-established connectivity prior to being connected on port 179 over TCP.
  • Luckily our company can help companies visualize connections that are getting blocked across entire layer 1 through 7 stack through what so called FusionView unified portal, visualizing multiple types connectivity restrictions across your entire enterprise. 
  • Together with FusionTrust  and FusionView the process of identifying what is being blocked where, becomes extremely simplified.
  • Alternatively our company can help customers integrate many of the security systems that are responsible for blocking access with customer’s existing SIEM regardless if it’s Sumo Logic, Splunk, ELK stack or other.

Indeed any time application gets patched, it’s possible that after patching some new FQDN names get introduced or original URL where the application was hosted out of a sudden stops working, causing users not being able to connect to application.

  • Luckily as part of our FusionPatch solution offering, our company verifies application health state after the patch is complete.  Hence not only do we deploy patching solution architecture, we help you maintain it it’s health state.
  • Our FusionView unified portal can help customers visualize application health state, before and after patch deployment. 
  • Our FusionTrust consultants can help your company reverse engineer application connectivity needs to see if it can be proxy compatible.
  • In cases if the application is not proxy compatible, it can either be bypasssed or escalated to our App development team to help you customize architecture of the application that you are using in order to make it compatible.

Other Integration and IT Services Similar to FusionTrust service

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    Minimize false positive, duplicate alerts with AlphaCICE central intelligence correlation engine. AlphaCICE and unify all of your tools AIOPS events in a single pane of glass with Alpha FusionView. See how Alpha FusionSmart Enterprise Monitoring service that Alpha Technologies offer ties it all up together in context of multiple ITIL best practices phases.

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  • AlphaCICE – Central Intelligence Correlation Engine

    Minimize false positive, duplicate alerts with AlphaCICE central intelligence correlation engine. AlphaCICE is a custom solution and service offered by Alpha Technologies that is specifically designed for financial industries seeking to take control of their incident management process. Incident Managers can maximize their operational effectiveness through streamlined operationalized workflows, by relying on correlated supervised and unsupervised AIOPS classified intelligence fetched from your already existing monitoring tools. AlphaCICE is explicitly designed to reduce multiple events into a single actionable event that matters most, by empowering data owner operators with prescriptive & AI & ML driven recommendations

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  • Alpha Digital Transformation of Applications & Tech Stack

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  • Alpha AWS | AVD | Office 365 Virtualization Solutions

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Other Solutions & Services that we offer

Why Customers Pick Us

Automation of Applications

Automation of monolithic and microservice  types of applications, software testing and quality assurance. Helping companies minimize manual tasks in every day operations and reduce costs by leveraging custom built automation scripts for your enterprise infrastructure, ranging from automation of APIs to orchestration of complex resources.

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Expertise in Cloud and On Premise Environments

Expertise in AI and ML with multiple clouds AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, Serverless Lambda Functions, Docker containers, and beyond as well as on-premise network & app infrastructure environments.

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Unified View

Custom-built view bridging your micro-services and monolithic application, infrastructure, and monitoring need all in one portal.  For example, ServiceNow, Jira, CMDB, BMC Control M and Microservices all in 1 portal, helping customers visualize, slice, and dissect data as well as create reports, trends, and forecasts, based on results of any data, either coming from your on-premise or in cloud environment

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Based on Zero Trust Connectivity Architecture

Get your on site locations and  remote office work force or IoT devices connected with the help of custom solutions  designed to keep companies secure, while protecting employees form malicious threats.

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FusionCLM PKI Solutions

Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM) and PKI services and solutions for companies seeking to take control of their certificate validation and enrollment needs, helping companies reduce risk 

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