Mortgage Industry Event Management Solutions and Services

IT Service Delivery & Event Management Solutions

Alpha Technologies specializes in IT service technology management, for mortgage industry & financial organizations, making it possible for mortgage companies, take control of their event management alerts.

Develop or add on loan processing in house platform.  Whether your company have home brewed applications or vendor based, Alpha can help your mortgage financial organization graduate to the next level.  

Our mortgage industry experiences revolve around minimizing IT service outages across entire environment, by leveraging existing monitoring tools that your mortgage company may already own.

We leverage unique AlphaView framework to bridge, transform and aggregate different types of  data sources from distinct monitoring tools, clouds, SaaS platforms and on premise environments.

Our Experiences in Financial & Technology Sector

Over 100 Applications Transformed
Over 2000 resources augmented and managed

Why Alpha?



Alpha Technologies is a well-Oiled Machine, with not only staffing expertise at it’s core, but also an expert in working with specifically mortgage industry challenges in a project by project basis,  managed services manner, agile fashion, ad hoc, or off shore + on shore resource augmentation manner.

Our goal is to assist mortgage companies staff with minimization of their technology costs, streamline event operations, reduce mean time to incident detection and resolution.


What makes us different is our flexibility and agility in adopting to a fast moving financial & mortgage technical industry, through rapid adoption of innovative solutions & services that can help your organization reach the data closer to the data owners.

These solutions include entire assessment of your existing enterprise to ensure it follows best, practices.

Monitoring & Observability Software License costs savings, on number of resources your monitoring software allows you to monitor, on ingestion volume & through minimization of manual processes.

Technology Areas of Mortgage Expertise We Specialize in

Innovative Areas of Expertise:

  • AI/ML, NLP
  • RPA
  • Blockchain
  • UI/UX

Overall Mortgage Areas of Expertise

  • Creation of customized Level 2 Operations Support for your existing organization.
  • Unique AlphaView Monitoring Approach (and customized tool) For Legacy Application Business Logic Discovery
  • Service Mesh & Cloud Native Application Support + Migration
  • APM tools & BI Analytics tools centralization into single pane of glass.
  • Even Management & Correlation of Streaming data services
  • Monolithic to Microservices Transformation Expertise
  • Automation of Infrastructure & Applications 
  • Zero Trust Security & Tech Enablement

Use Case



  1. Many mortgage companies struggle to keep track of their events, alerts, and activities.
  2. No monitoring/limited team exists in house. 
  3. Multiple monitoring and BI tools visualizing distinct & legacy data sources, with command center NOC, getting confused what to follow, when to follow specific event.
  4. No concrete level of visibility for what happened with the alert/event after it triggered. 
  5. No playbooks defined for what needs to be done, when alert/event is received.
  6. Broken processes or standards.
  7. Existing monitoring tools are overburden with too many alerts configured creating way too many false positive alerts.
  8. No or limited automation is being done to take control of manual processes.
  9. Monitoring systems or automated systems being exposed to the public internet.
  10. Monitoring data being exposed to the public facing sites.
  11. No CI/CD pipeline being leveraged to follow infrastructure as a code type of agile implementation style of service management delivery.
  12. Data is scattered across multiple data owners.
  13. Tools are not following best practices, where too many redundant alerts are configured for ultimately the same function, causing resource cost problems.
  14. Existing monitoring tools, are not being utilized to the full extent, while money is still being spent on them.
  15. Opportunities for better observability and data visualizations are being missed.
  16. Manual processes taking a while to execute, causing additional money spending concerns.
  17. Use of AI/ML techniques is minimum or not existent.
  18. Tools that are currently being managed by internal IT mortgage team, are spread across complex home brewed & SaaS applications. with minimum visibility.
  19. Event correlation functionality across multiple distinct data sources is missing.
  20. Alerting visibility for what happens when event gets generated is difficult to understand, track and follow.
  21. Event streaming platform and aggregation layer for bridging together multiple data sources is missing.
  22. Dependency mapping of events and alerts to meaningful business service that is visualized and easily understood when it’s down is missing.
  23. Dedicated data owners dashboards are missing.
  24. SalesForce and ServiceNow integrations missing.
  25. Distinct AI  supervised & unsupervised machine learning techniques are not being fully embraced.
  26. Existing Mortgage IT teams still relying on static thresholds, without leveraging dynamic threshold for KPIs.
  27. No central single pane of glass, service intelligence view that shows concrete technical dependencies for each of the technical KPIs.

These are just few problems we see many mortgage companies face.  

Solution is to use well geared, lubricated and oiled Alpha Technology AlphaView approach for helping mortgage companies take control of their event management needs.

Here is how Alpha Technologies can help with Event Management service delivery initiative across a phased lifecycle of service delivery..

  • Alpha will conduct holistic assessment of your entire environment, encompassing your operational event management needs, evaluating gaps, and identifying pockets of opportunity within your environment, that will help your mortgage company save money, improve event management operations, centralize monitoring tools and data sources, into single pane of glass AlphaView platform.
  • Using our Alpha innovative data discovery approach, we will identify data sources that critical mortgage applications & loan processing platforms heavily depend on, doing so will help Alpha team construct service dependency mapping within the AlphaView tool
  • We will create custom data source mapping visualization, bridging multiple tools and SaaS applications into centralized AlphaView tool, hosted in your cloud, in your environment, making it easier for your team  to control your own code, your keys to he kingdom.
  • Additionally, Alpha team will assist your mortgage company with ETL data transformations, directly within AlphaView tool, making it easier for your data owners understand the data.
  • As part of our engagement, we’ll re-evaluate your existing tools for best practices.
  • Create aggregation & correlation layer across multiple tools & data sources helping your team bring multiple sources of intelligence under single pane of glass.
  • Build out microservices/serverless event streaming architecture to host AlphaView on using latest and the greatest front end frameworks. (this will allow greater degree of customization than simply relying on your existing monitoring tools, that cost you money and not super customizable).
  • To help mortgage companies even more, Alpha Team will create business service intelligence mapping within AlphaView, helping your command center see precisely what the dependencies are that caused business service to go down.
  • Additionally, Alpha Team will create supervised machine learning and self service portal, making it possible for your command center to better understand when major incident takes place and how to identify it and react to it when it does.
  • Alpha team will create customized playbooks helping your command center and your mortgage applications and infrastructure teams understand what to do when alert is being received.
  • Within AlphaView as part of our AlphaAuto module Alpha Team will create additionally automations to react on alert and infuse alert into ServiceNow or other ticketing system that your company may already own.
  • Additionally, Alpha Team will introduce multi KPI forecasting and sophisticated anomaly detection features based on your previous Major Incidents, making it possible for you and your team to predict on events that most likely will result in major incidents. 
  • In addition to everything that was just described here, Alpha team will create customized pipelines, with advanced visualizations, helping your command center better understand what happened to alert after event was triggered, either through integration with Xmatters, EverBridge, PagerDuty, Slack or other types of notification platforms.
  • As part of our service delivery initiative, Alpha team will also assist with data masking of sensitive loan data, customized dashboards creations based on roles.  
  • Regardless if it’s mainframes or legacy systems that your existing loan processing systems and applications are based on, our unique approach to steamlining events will help your organization take control of your enviornment.
  • Evaluation of your existing monitoring tools for best practices is not the only part of the service that we offer, after fine tuning your tools for best practices, we take your existing processes and tools to the next levell.


Mortgage Company Monitoring Tools Use Case

Imagine the world where data is scattered across complex on premise and cloud environments running across ephemeral highly containerized and serverless functions, where knowing precisely what happened with the specific business process in the form of events is not exactly a walk in the park.

For the following Reasons:

  • Data is scattered across monolithic processes.
  • Multiple APIs tightly integrated with legacy code that is difficult to refactor.
  • Databases that are holding the information are running on batch processing cycles.
  • Business Logic is not exactly documented, but rather shared across different loan processor responsibilities.
  • Storing data in CRUD style database takes place across multiple processes in different sequences, where any of the dependency processes can cause data not be stored.
  • One tool spits out one alert, but the meaning of the alert don’t make sense unless it’s looked at from higher level making it difficult to decipher who alert is intended for.
  • Another tool such as APM based tool focuses more one metrics, vs logs and metrics, but is too generic for way too many other use cases other than the use case you are looking for.
  • Imagine office going down, and everything part of the office also going down, then out of a sudden your team receives flood of alerts..
  • Knowing what alert is truly the one team needs to react to, can be challenging.

So how do you streamline all of these alerts from different tools?

Considerations Prior to streamlining events.

  • Data needs to be curated, pre-processed, tagged, identified and correlated.
  • Modification to actual log messages need to be done with customized correlation ID entries.
  • That means it requires knowledge of mortgage application responsible for event data.
  • Creating of specific Business Impact critical KPIs in context of the existing data sources and monitoring tools.

Logic Monitor Alerts Tuning

As part of our initial phases Alpha can assist mortgage companies with fine tuning their existing monitoring tools.

For example, if mortgage company uses LogicMonitor to visualize infrastructure resources, Alpha team can assist with optimizing alerts by performing the following.

  1. Creating combination of both static and dynamic threshold alerts using best practices, for different types of KPIs.
  2. Utilizing Root Cause Analysis and Topology Mapping to create customized topology views, that will minimize alert fatigue.
  3. Reviewing existing systems and applications, computer, network, security operations, and ensuring that no double alerting is configured.
  4. Utilizing AI/OPS functions of LogicMonitor to present high degree of visibility for different types of enterprise level infrastructures, applications, and legacy home brewed applications.
  5. Reviewing existing LogicMonitor config module to ensure configuration changes are being tracked for compliance and risk purposes.
  6. Setting up forecasting for critical KPIs and notifying command center/mortgage IT team.

Creating customized Event Correlation Engine

Creating custom build platform to ingest, multiple data sources, ranging from LogicMonitor, SumoLogic, Dynatrace, Splunk, PowerBI tools into centralized Event Correlation custom built tool called AlphaView.

  • Correlation service engine will make it possible for mortgage company to see single pane of glass dashboard, combined with different types of home brewed application mortgage specific KPIs, correlated with one another where data is fetched from different types of tools/applications/devices.
  • Event Correlation Service Engine will make it possible to aggregate business services into meaningful categorizations, making it easier for business owners to recognize dependencies associated with the business service.

What will be UI/UX format of these correlations?

  • Dedicated dashboards, reports, views, and widgets will represent the correlations.
  • Intelligent Event Dependency Correlation Tree, with parent objects and sub-objects showing relational dependency on critical mortgage business service, encompassing operational KPIs, Infrastructure KPIs and application specific KPIs relevant to critical business functions.
  • Centralized Summary Event Based Time Series graph for all of the events that are taking place within mortage company.
  • Drilled down version of events aggregated into dedicated insights, that represent additional intelligence details about mortgage business process.

What will be possible to do with the Customized Event Correlation Engine?

  • Be able to see automatically events, aggregated into dedicated insights that helps command center focus on what matters most.
  • Be able to see child to parent dependency, and triage through KPIs that are contributing to degradation of the service health score.
  • Be able to see events across multiple data source pulled together in a unified pane of glass.
  • Be able to construct customized muti KPI correlation searches, that best model the behavior of the major incident
  • Be able to see how multiple KPIs are compared to one another across different types of SwimLanes, charts, and customized visualizations specific to mortgage company needs.

What type of AI and Machine Learning Functions will the solution offer?

In addition to our customized event correlation engine, Alpha Team can construct customized machine learning functions directly within the interface of our AlphaML module, helping mortgage companies extend basic functionalities of their in house tools such as LogicMonitor, Dynatrace, MainView and any other data sources.

  • With combination of correlated data sources, that we’ll fetch from our Alpha data correlation engine, Alpha team construct machine learning models that can help mortgage companies make smarter predictions and forecasting based on not just one KPI as it is the case with the in house tools, but based on combination of multiple KPIs fetched from multiple data sources.
  • With AlphaML Alpha Team will build custom models to maximize proactiveness, minimize major incidents, and make it possible to recognize issues quicker, providing mortgage customers with advanced forecasting capabilities, fault recognition intelligence, supervised and unsupervised machine learning capabilities and beyond.

What other services Alpha Technologies Help With?

  • Phased based Approach
  • Mapping out KPIs.
  • Feeding Deals data for Primary and Secondary Loans.
  • Supporting your existing legacy architecture first.
  • Monitoring it, Testing it.
  • Decoupling your architecture.
  • Introducing parallel based centralized and decentralized architecture.
  • Introducing different methods of centralized architecture using synchronous and asynchronous data processing.
  • Constructing Pipeline.
  • Pre-processing Data
  • ETL Data
  • Securing, hashing, storing sensitive data prior to ingestion.
  • Creating single pane of glass visualizations.
  • Re-creating & Re-factoring your existing application.
  • Adding/Re-Creating Business Process Management system with step functions allowing maximum agility for the data owners.
  • Integrating with Salesforce, CRM systems or any other existing business processes, or intake processing systems.
  • Security APIs, Data Integrations, cloud to cloud, on premise to cloud.
  • Migrating from on premise to cloud or from cloud to cloud. 
  • Integrating with LoanIQ, ClearPar and other types of systems.

Our Financial & Mortgage Indusry Technology Experience

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