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Microservices Monitoring

Whether you are in the process of monitoring monolithic applications or microservices, the need for full level observability never ends. With the advances of microservices and server-less architecture, the complexity of being able to monitor infrastructure has increased substantially.

Logic Monitor Services

Our company can help your organization integrate with Logic Monitor. We can help you with Logic Monitor Proof of Concept/POV. Anything that Logic Monitor can work around it, and supplement Logic Monitor solution with another solution such as Sumo Logic.

CLM PKI Management

DBA Binary Fusion delivers the expertise you need to ensure your PKI environment not only meets your needs today, but is properly designed for your needs down the road.


IT Network Consultants at Affordable Price

DBA Binary Fusion provides comprehensive professional IT services for organizations looking for a single technology provider. Our company matches your company’s needs with the IT Security Monitoring and networking solutions well within the budget of your organizations while maintaining the security and integrity of your assets.

Our Services

Certificate LifeCycle Management and PKI Solutions
We can help companies take control of the certificate management and automation of PKI helping companies reduce chances of certificate expiring that often cause major incidents, as well as making it possible to renew certificate in a single unified portal.
Vulnerability Threat Hunting With Sumo Logic
We can help secure your environment by setting up identity integration for your mobile, on premise and cloud devices prior to any of the devices getting on your network.  
Logic Monitor Integration Services
Our company helps organizations migrate from Solar Winds to Logic Monitor, visualize your infrastructure helping companies reduce risk.
Microservices & Serverless Lambda Monitoring
In addition to monolithic applications monitoring, our company offers monitoring consulting services as well as integration solutions across multiple vendors, helping customers monitor containerized functions, microservices, pods, containers, clusters as well as Lambda functions requests.
Patching & Vulnerability Management Solution
Our company can help customers integrate continuous patching solution, reducing the gaps that are produced by other systems as well as integrate continuous vulnerability scanning solution that can identify vulnerabilities helping your IT Staff reduce risk.
Sumo Logic Assessment and Implementation Solutions
We can help companies migrate from existing ELK stack or expensive Splunk to Sumo Logic, helping companies save tons of money, while reducing managing overhead.  We can also help customers on-board and monitor infrastructure and applications in SumoLogic.

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John M Lockett Owner, Travel Agency

"DBA Binary Fusion helped our company resolve on-going VPN issues within only couple of weeks. These guys are true experts, we were shocked how quickly they were able to create a granular VPN design accommodating our needs and provided concrete solution"

Stephen P Cuevas Sports Nutrition Company

"DBA Binary Fusion helped our entire small office 15 people migrate to the new active directory infrastructure using our own Exchange Email server and our own Cisco VPN firewall to allow remote users to connect from remote offices, which is really what we needed it, but didn't know how to do ourselves. The project took about 1 month but the IT systems implemented by Network Consultant.NET still exist today"

Danielle E Handley Financial Company

"DBA Binary Fusion helped our company install brand new IT messaging logging and archiving security platform allowing us to log and archive instant messages of all employees now we can have legal documents for our compliance officers and can demand chat transcripts on demand"

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