Sumo Logic Assessment and Implementation Solutions

Sumo Logic Assessment and Implementation Solutions

What is FusionSmart Sumo Logic Service?

FusionSmart is our enterprise monitoring service and SumoLogic happens to be a small sub-set of this service, where our company DBA Binary Fusion helps financial organizations, such as banks, ratings companies, loan processing organizations or professional accounting firms and LLCs gain visibility within their network, which will effectively translates into gaining better control of company’s network/environment, increasing value for your organization while simultaneously helping your team minimize risks, reduce costs and reduce your enterprise network complexity.

Our Core Specialization is Finance

Over the decade our company has been in business servicing financial organizations, ranging from loan processing companies, banks, accounting firms and other types of financial companies.


Other Industries who we help with visualizing their network using Sumo Logic

  • Manufacturing
  • Law Firms
  • Health/Dental/Radiology

What type of Assessment Sumo Logic Services do we offer?

Sumo Logic Assessment service happens to be part of our Business Planning and continuity service, which happens to be only a small subset of all the services that we offer.

What we do is, we help customers discover the business value within their entire environment.  Here are just some of the value drivers that we help companies extract out of their environment.

  • Revenue Protection
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Faster Release Cycles
  • Total Unification
  • Zero Management Overhead
  • Improved Security Posture
  • Improved Audit and Compliance
  • Deeper Business Insights

Why validating what gets on your network matters.


Devices can get on company's network without any true form of validation:

The most typical solution to that problem is the deployment of certificates and managing these certificates throughout the entire certificate lifecycle management process.  That means renewing certificates on devices such as video conferencing systems, phones, printers, security appliances, IoT devices, you name it.

Yet the reality is, not that many vendors out there actually support certificates.  Many IoT devices simply have no way of inserting certificates or do not support EAP-TLS 802.1x authentication.  Yet the need for security and validation of the devices is still there.

For every device there is a different Validation solution.

Depending on what type of device is trying to authenticate with the network, the authentication capabilities may vary.  For example, some may support certificates, while others may support no such thing, but perhaps have some process or a service, or a registry key that is running in Windows OS for example.

IoT devices may have unique processes/services that can be tracked for validation.

Yet the problem is it’s hard to monitor devices that constantly come and go.

Imagine monitoring not just devices, but lambda functions and auto-scaling ec2 instances… that’s when the real fun begins.

Yet with every unique problem, there is a unique solution.

DBA Binary Fusion can help you tackle these Identity Validation problems with unique solutions.



Beyond Sumo Logic Assessment

Our company can go beyond just the Sumo Logic Assessment. In addition to helping companies take control of their ingestion costs, we can help companies visualize data from multiple data warehouse and applications in combination with data from Sumo Logic in our flagship unified portal software called FusionView. To learn more visit our FusionView page.

How Can Sumo Logic Assessment help my organization gain upper edge?

You see in comparison to other types of consulting companies who strictly specialize on data visualization component of Sumo Logic, what we do is we actually analyze your entire network and as part of our analysis also include Sumo Logic Assessment documentation.

What will the Sumo Documentation Analysis of company's environment include?

It will include our comprehensive analysis of your overall environment/network health state in a way that will actually makes sense for not only IT managers and IT Directors, but for other team members of your organization.

  • We break down your entire environment into strength and weaknesses using SWOT methodology, tied into business processes linked together with the IT Change Management framework. 
  • We analyze different types of data sets within your organizations, ranging from field extraction rules, collectors, source hosts.
  • We help you organize the data into consistent visualization dashboards, thereby helping your distinct data set owners understand their data visually.
  • We help you create relevant alerts based on the critical data set key points derived in the process of our assessment.
  • We help you break down the complexities of multiple systems and bring these complexities to simplicity through Data Visualization based on metrics, integrated logs and live view panels designed to provide your data source owners with adequate amount of information in being able to determine the level of risk.

Breaking Data down by Important Fields

We help your internal IT teams parse out the logs and make them meaningful.
  • We help you break down data based on individual important fields as well as source hosts, source categories in a way that will help your company’s environment quickly determine the gravity of the risk, and be able to drill into associated logs to discover the reason why particular error message taking place.
  • We help you normalize the data set and break it down to consistent panels across your organization based on particular data set owner.  For example let’s say your company has multiple teams such as network engineering team, security team, monitoring team, enterprise team, then we can break down the data based on relevancy of each individual team.  This way it will be a lot easier for each team member visualize their infrastructure components and based on what is relevant to them.


So how do you validate different types of devices and applications if certificates can not exactly be deployed?

The answer is to use multiple layers of validation.

  • For example if your environment consists of laptops that have operating systems such as Windows and MAC OS, then there are multiple validation tools that exist out there that makes the concept of recognizing that the the laptop is company’s laptop and not just some rogue device. 
  • Yet the reality is that many of the tools on the market require sophisticated level of understanding about all the eccentric functionalities.
  • Many of the tools on the market makes concept of realizing what works or what doesn’t difficult to decipher.
  • Managed windows devices maybe easier to handle with Enterprise application tools such as Microsoft Endpoint Manager (formerly known as in-tune), while MAC devices are easier to handle with tools like JAMF and Apple Business Manager.
  • Yet what about other devices such as the ones that do not have certificate validation capabilities or enterprise MDM system to handle the requests, how can such types of devices be handled from validation standpoint?  

Visualizing the data based on risk

  • We help our customers (such as financial organizations for example or any other industries) be able to visualize their data for business analysts who constantly deal with risks yet not 100% sure how to visualize them, so this way business analysts can react upon them based on the intelligent dynamic alerts.
  • We use special standard deviation type of graphs that show dynamic data based on historical trends, helping us customers use what so called dynamic alerts rather than static based alerts, thereby helping organizations reduce false positive type of alerting.
  • Using special filters

    • We use special type of filters within the dashboards to help companies visualize their data set based on the most common fields searched, and based on the key value pairs that data set owners find most useful.  Doing so helps data set owners see data that is relevant to them based on their parametrized needs such as timestamp, ip address or any other pattern discovered based field.

    Discovering Patterns

    • We help companies discover patterns within multiple data sets and join these patterns together, helping customers correlate data a lot better, since multiple logs have multiple types of data at different time stamps.  Out of these patterns we help companies create fields that are used in field extraction rules and based on these fields that get searched during the ingestion period we help companies save precious time and minimize costs.

    Normalizing timestamps

    • During our analysis and assessment process we normalize timestamps, and redact sources of data that show garbage type of data, thereby minimizing ingestion costs and helping customers query their data faster.
    • We help companies create alerts based not just on native metrics, but based on the log based metric helping customers be able to track things that they couldn’t have otherwise tracked before using traditional monitoring tools.

Change Management Where, When, Why, Who, What

  • During our analysis and assessment we help companies essentially be able to follow best change management practices and be able to answer the following questions whenever any of the network changes occur such as Where did the change occur geographically, Why (what change control is associated with the change), When (what time frame), Who (which team member executed the change), What (what exact change took place)through the use of dashboard visualization utilizing multiple data sources.
  • During our analysis we discover patterns that pertain to a particular data set that essentially helps us answer “Where, Why, When,Who, What)
  • In order to be able to answer such questions pertaining to each change we analyze customer’s environment to see if the customer has necessary solutions and frameworks in order to be able to answer such questions.  In our analysis we identify gaps, risks, roles and responsibilities of all the team members, and their data sets that they own, in effort to create specialized dashboards that will make the process of change management a lot easier.

IT Security and Business Solutions we end up recommending during assessment

  • The solutions that we recommend to customers may for example involve installing central alerting system such as Pager Duty helping company streamline all of their alerts from other monitoring systems such as Sumo Logic, Solar Winds, New Relic, Splunk or any other system to central alerting system thereby helping customers visualize alerts usage.
  • Other solutions that we may recommend during assessment may include installing Cisco ISE to be able to see authentication requests when any physical device gets plugged into the network, thereby giving us flexibility to visualize data upon 802.1x authentication requests, while helping companies minimize risk and satisfy their compliance policies.
  • During assessment we may recommend installing IAM system to be able to see roles and responsibilities and be able to effectively answer the “Who” the change was done type of questions.  Some of these solutions we can also assist in implementing as well.  

Migrating existing Log environments

  • In many cases we may find customers who have huge expensive ELK logging environment with large level of complexity and associated costs, in which case we help migrate out of such logging environment.
  • In some cases we may find some companies use Zscaler or Pulse Secure or Cisco ASA or FortiGate firewalls, but need better visibility into who exactly is logging into where, and what applications they are accessing.  In such cases we can create centralized dashboards pulling all the data for a particular user into one dashboard helping companies essentially unify their view for who access what and when.

Correlating Logs from Multiple Application Security appliances and applications

  • In some cases we find companies with all sorts of application security platforms configured on user’s PCs where in many cases packets of data gets blocked and it’s not clear what application security platform blocked the pocket, whether it’s CrowdStrike agent that blocked it or Symantec, or McAfee or Windows firewall or physical firewall such as FortiGate, Cisco, SonicWall or maybe IP Tables on the linux pc itself, in which case we create correlation dashboards, that pretty much show where IP address came from which source and what blocked it and when.
  • In some cases we discover use cases that customers themselves weren’t aware of and provide suggestions as part of the assessment what can be monitored, how and why.  

Out of control Log Data Analysis

  • In some cases we discover that some customers data logs are out of control and the way the in house built apps were built does not exactly follow best practices in terms of logging standards, in which case we provide suggestions for customer to add special delimiters withing the logs at least for in house built apps, where data logged happen to be out of control.
  • Out of control data is not good, and we realize that and that is why we built this Sumo Logic assessment service helping customers take control of their network, regardless of what that network is, whether it’s a network of business processes built in the cloud or a network composed of multi vendor traditional networking equipment that resides in house, but simply needs to be monitored more efficiently beyond relying on the netflow.

Introduction of Mechanisms used to solve out of control data logging

  • Sometimes we discover data can be redacted either for compliance reasons or for the purpose of reducing logs to reduce ingestion costs.  If that’s the case we identify the logs that produce the most data and identify patterns of data that result in generation of massive logs, then provide recommendations to customers to redact the logs.  Based on that recommendation, many customers end up saving more money, simply because it’s difficult to know what type of data exists within a particular application and what the logs look like.
  • Our company DBA Binary Fusion makes the concept of visualizing logs in a way that makes sense, by dissecting entire ITIL framework in context of Sumo Logic Assessment.  We analyze the IT services that IT provides in relationship to business processes and identify risks, gaps, weak links, threats, strength and incorporate all of our findings in visualized dashboards.

Analysis of individualized data log sources

  • We analyze each individual source and assist in creating naming convention for your data based on your particular environment and business structure.  We create dashboards based on all sorts of data sets, ranging from .CSV imported files, or syslog data that comes in from routers, switches, firewalls, linux servers, proxies or any other devices as well as from home grown application apps.

We educate our customers in the process of assessment

  • We help customers not only visualizing their data, but also teach customers as part of our assessment how to gather the use cases for what makes sense to visualize from multiple team members within customer’s environment.
  • As part of our assessment we also show what dashboards get underutilized, and how heavy entire Sumo Logic environment is underutilized or over utilized.  

We create flow based dynamic Sumo Logic diagrams and visualize 3rd party APIs

  • We create flow based diagrams that are similar to how for example site visitors get tracked in google analytics, except we do that from the business process standpoint, helping customers visualize how much time took place for a particular business and whether it’s normal or not. .
  • We visualize all sorts of 3rd party APIs within customer’s environment and their response time with respect and relationship to any of the important fields. For example Sales Force API etc.

We gather feedback from customers and factor it into assessment

  • We take feedback from the customer and integrate their feedback into assessment, thereby creating a solution that helps customers take control of their network, be able to analyze their network and even design their network with our help and the data visualization that we end up providing.

We centralize logs from Cisco video conferencing cloud managed systems.

  • We help companies visualize their entire video conferencing environment where we can help integrating log data from WebEx Control Hub cloud managed video conferencing systems.
  • We help companies visualize users geographically, for example showing how many users are utilizing endpoint video conferencing units such as Cisco Telepresence units and whether or not such users having problems of any sort with their video conferencing usage.
  • We help companies visualize user experience, in relationship to how fast the website opens, how fast it loads data either using New Relic or Solar Winds or Sumo Logic or combination of both through single unified interface.

We integrate 802.1x Network Security Logging with your environment

  • We help companies visualize their certificates usage for example 802.1x certificate usage with respect to authentication requests taking place on the network for all sorts of wired, and wireless systems such as Cisco IP phones, HP printers, endpoint video conferencing security systems, voice systems of any sort, door bells, HVAC wired air conditioners you name it.   
  • Imagine being able to have a visualized map where you can simply see how much of your network environment is running 802.1x authentication and how much of it is not….Doing so can help you visualize the security state of your network, how far you are in progress when it comes to for example wide company initiative of security your network using 802.1x

  • For example, imagine being able to have a map of all the users who are logging into your environment and their role/realm or both, either using AnyConnect SSL Cisco VPN client, or Fortigate VPN client or, Zscaler or through AWS WorkSpaces or through Pulse Secure or any other way… 

  • Imagine being able to visualize distributed tracing patterns as users navigate through different types of business transactions and how overall health of your application depends on the infrastructure components, application components and other dependencies.
  • Imagine being able to visualize even complex recurring events that need to be factored into alerting, but require intelligent logic adjustment.
  • Imagine being able to suppress alerts and tackle seasonal type of data, in order to minimize risk of not being alerted when you needed vs when alert is not really needed.
  • Imagine being able to have predictive and forecasting monitoring that can combine previous cyclical data in combination with other factors that are relevant for your environment and be able to get alerted on that.
  • Imaging having different types of dashboards for compliance, operational level and many other levels, in combination with repots being sent to you or other team members helping your team minimize risk and look like a super hero.
  • Imagine being able to have a visualized map where you can simply see how much of your network environment is running 802.1x authentication and how much of it is not….Doing so can help you visualize the security state of your network, how far you are in progress when it comes to for example wide company initiative of security your network using 802.1x

  • Imagine being able to have a map of all the users who are logging into your environment and their role/realm or both, either using AnyConnect SSL Cisco VPN client, or Fortigate VPN client or, Zscaler or through AWS WorkSpaces or through Pulse Secure or any other way… 

  • Imagine being able to filter upon your entire environment based on IP, MAC, or any other useful filters that can help you see where the device is authenticating using 802.1x for example, what switch, which location, etc. etc.. etc..

  • Imagine being able to send out alerts when standard deviation for a particular logged data source output exceed the trend based dynamic threshold, wouldn’t that be a lot better to rely upon vs just relying on static alerting?

  • Imagine being able to see all sorts of pie charts, bars, and graphs that literally show you the reason why you should be focusing on something for example imagine being able to view vulnerabilities from multiple security systems, or being able to see DMVPN authentication failures, or IP SLA executing for fail over situations.

  • Imagine being able to visualize Kubernetes containers and be able to see where your containers are cloud wise, are they on AWS, or they in Google Cloud or in Azure, and what happened to them after they were turned on, did anything change?  

  • Imagine being able to keep track of your Sumo Logic volume usage in a way that actually helps you reduce costs while also helping you better understand who does what within your organization?

  • Imagine being able to see relationships on the data from multiple data sources aggregated together in a way that actually makes sense for your team or any other team in your company.  Wouldn’t that be something you would want to consider implementing?

If that’s a yes Contact DBA Binary Fusion today to get a quote and help you with your Sumo Logic Assessment.

We offer Sumo Logic Assessment not only locally but anywhere nationally or internationally.

Hence if your office happen to be in Austin Texas,  Chicago, Delaware, Washington, PA,CT,RI, Miami Florida, Boston, Rhode Island, Jersey City or any other locations we can help.  Simply fill out the Sumo Logic Assessment quote below and let us know what type of help you need and we will gladly explore your use case and help you with your assessment needs.

With so many imaginative points... described above, you do not have to imagine anymore.

In Summary

  • Reach out to us, let us know your use case, we can get together analyze what you have, and provide your recommendation on how to move forward with what tool, what to monitor, how to monitor it and can also provide you presentation for some of the services that we did for our other customers in the field of Machine Learning, Certificate LifeCycle Management, Network Monitoring and beyond.
  • If interested send an email to [email protected] and simply let us know your name, company name, phone number, and what you are looking for, or alternatively contact us by the phone number shown on the top right corner of this website.
  • Thank You for taking your time to read about our Logic Monitoring Services and Solution Integration services.

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Looking for Sumo Logic Help? 

If Yes don’t hesitate to contact us and request a quote for our Sumo Logic Consulting implementation services, by filling out this form below.

Industries We Service and help customers integrate Multi Factor Solutions

Travel and Aviation

We help companies monitor Airport Networks and ATM devices, as well as wireless access points.

Financial Services

Our company helps Loan Processing firms, Banks, and other financial institutions monitor combination of both on premise and in cloud resources.


With Entuity we can monitor Campus networks for real time changes on infrastructure such as firewalls, routers, switches, SDN controllers. 

Law Firms

We also work close with Law Firms and other types of legal organizations seeking to monitor their cloud and on premise resources.


Our company can help customers add foam spray pumps, or any other types of manufacturing devices, or IoT devices into Entuity monitoring software.

Accounting and CPA firms

Our company helps CPA accounting firms monitor their network for newly discovered devices, and changes in data.

What we can monitor with FusionSmart Sumo Logic service.

We can monitor where your printers located geographically, their 802.1x authentication state, health state, log queues you name it.

We can monitor your Microsoft TEAMS, Zoom or Cisco based VC devices to see if they are on  802.1x.

We can monitor your Cisco IP phones, CUCM interconnections, errors, and health state.

We can monitor your JAMF or Microsoft Endpoint Manager formerly known as Intunes logs to see if devices are properly being validated.

We can monitor your IoT devices regardless, their authentication state, where they are located, their health state etc, regardless if their cellular or wifi types of devices.

We can monitor server less lambda functions and overlay health state of applications across entire application and infrastructure stack.

We can monitor kubernettes microservices types of applications 

We can monitor any types of applications regardless if it’s on windows, SPARC or any other platform.

Problems and FusionSmart SumoLogic Solutions

With FusionSmart SumoLogic Assessment service we can help companies on-board their existing cloud or on premise devices/applications and maximize log visibility.  

This way with just the search of IP address or FQDN you can quickly see what the issue is in the logs.

Many companies have serious gaps with their 802.1x security, due to failed visibility of what devices are actually on 802.1x.

With FusionSmart SumoLogic Assessment service we can help your company create customized dashboards specifically designed to show what is on 802.1x and what’s on MAB, helping you visualize risky assets.

Once all devices are on 802.1x we can and validated as company’s devices, it will be a lot easier to see which new device is not on 802.1x. 

Our FusionSmart SumoLogic Monitoring service can help companies visualize what gets on the network, when and where.

When problems happen on the network it’s hard to detect them.  With FusionSmart Sumo Logic Enterprise Monitoring service we can maximize level of debugging on your systems and help you correlate the health info from multiple systems based on your architecture design, making it easier for IT teams to identify what the issue maybe.

If something doesn’t have a log entry, then it will not be possible to visualize it.  However, we may recommend other type of solution for developers and IT Staff helping them create log messages in their systems, prior to visualizing it all in Sumo Logic.

When certain upgrades or patching takes place, systems often break.  Many IT managers often fall into this problem. With FusionSmart Sumo Logic service we can help companies visualize their patching cycles in correlation with the error messages.

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