Trained IT Consultants for your company

Trained IT Consultants For your Company

Our company recruits fresh out of college graduate students trains them and converts them into Binary Fusion consultants, then match make our IT Consultants with companies around CT, NY and NJ tri-state metropolitan area.

How does it work?

We have created a network of educational sites designed to intercept college graduate students along their test preparation journey for professional IT Certification exams.  We use our network of sites as one of the strategies to attract recent college grads ages 18 to 24 and convince them to join our Binary Fusion Training center.  

Our Binary Fusion Training center is handled by separate business division unit separate from our IT consulting division of our company that focuses on producing talent and analyzing latest trends in specific industries and infusing them into our accelerated 3-month training program called Fusion Track.

How do we train our IT consultants?

We have created customized accelerated training program named Fusion Track specifically designed to train and create talent of a similar caliber in specific specialization, once talent is created we place that talent into variety types of companies in any of the industries shown below. Our company has several Fusion Tracks designed to produce a different type of talent depending on the IT Specialization of our Consultants. 

Our Fusion Track specializations include

  • Professional Quality Assurance in Software Testing. 
  • IT networking
  • Cyber Security

Our Binary Fusion Training Center applicants are processed as follows when joining our IT Training Center 

  • When Joining Our Binary Fusion Training Center new applicants pick which Fusion Track is most suitable for them, our Fusion Guide helps our students chose the right Fusion Path (basically we make sure that students who graduate from college are set along the right paths of their career, whether that path is in specialization in Quality Assurance field of Software Testing or Cyber Security or IT Networking)
  • We rigorously verify our students to ensure they are the right fit for our accelerated 3 months training program. (we do that by interviewing candidates face to face and making them take test before they join our program, test that is designed to see which area of expertise students are lacking in)
  • We run Background Check on them 
  • We provide reasons for recent college grads to join by providing them  incentives to join our Training Program by providing our Binary Fusion consultants with Fusion Rewards (prizes for completion of our program and recognize our candidates with Fusion Honors highest level of achievement award if they did well on the Fusion Track)
What happens after our Binary Fusion IT Training center graduate 3 months accelerated Fusion Track program?
We place our college graduates into companies across a variety of industries.  We do that by partnering up with IT Recruiters that already have created pipeline connections with different types of companies in CT, NY and NJ.   We pay our IT Recruiters small commission fee to help us get connected with such companies, and IT recruiters benefit from being able to refer good quality consultants and get more business and earn some referral money in between for helping our Binary Fusion consultants get placed into companies within the industries that we specialize for.  
How placement process work?
We place our IT consultants directly into companies as Binary Fusion Consultants, meaning even if we get help from IT recruiters consultants are still coming directly from us, but we pay a referral fee to IT recruiters for helping us get connected. 
What is our standard contract term with our Binary Fusion consultants?
Our core standard contract term is 2 years.  For 2 years our Binary Fusion Consultants are required to work for us, else they must pay $30,000 worth of training back to us, in case if they quit within 2 years.
What does it mean for companies?
That means we can place our consultants into companies within that 2 year period, either to one company or another.  Our core contract term is 2 years.  Meaning we place our IT consultants into a company for 2 years.  Lower term contracts are also available for 6 months and 1 year, but our preferred clients are the type of clients who pick our consultants for 2 years. We give preference to companies who pick our consultants for 2 years vs 6 months or 1 year, due to an administrative overhead involved in placing our candidates into a different type of companies within 2 year period.
Industries we specialize in
The industries above are our industries of specialization.  Click on one of the industry links to see more info.