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DBA Binary Fusion Provides wireless security services for a variety of wireless network designs and different type of use cases.

For Start up small and medium and large size companies, DBA Binary Fusion provides wireless security analysis for IoT in motion or in vehicle type of mobile devices. We help start-up companies connect the dots, identify wireless wifi security vulnerabilities within IoT mobile networks.  We verify IoT devices for FCC compliance and ensure that your particular devices that you are about to release to the market do not violate FCC regulations and rules.  

The level of analysis we do includes, RF (radio frequency) analysis with respect to the FCC regulations, radio frequency interference analysis, and analysis of how exactly your IoT device is connected to the network, whether it's your local network, branch network, data center network or the cloud.   

Not only do we help start-up companies analyze their wireless IoT devices or inter-connectivity to the IoT across wireless waves and verify radio frequency signal strength, but we also validate how your devices such as iPhone, IPAD, or Android devices connect to the IoT and whether or not the connection is stable and secure.  

The level of testing that we provide can help your existing in-house engineering team gain a high level of confidence that your IoT devices are operating under proper frequency within legal guidelines of FCC prior to releasing your IoT device to the market.

Not only do we verify wireless security from the standpoint of wireless devices connecting to your IoT securely, but we also analyze how your IoT devices interconnect to the cloud securely and ensure that the level of wireless communication between your IoT devices and intermediate wireless modems/routers is designed and configured securely.  

We analyze, secure and design your wireless IoT Mobile Network plus we even help you with marketing your IoT device so this way you actually end up increasing your client leads, all that in addition to providing solidified consulting services to have you connected to the cloud in the most affordable and compatible with your business way possible  For more information about IoT in Motion wireless security and solidified network design + marketing services visit this link to learn more.

Why is Wireless Security Important?

With recent crackdown from FCC on manufacturers or even companies who advertise IoT that violate Radio Frequency mandate from FCC it becomes absolutely imperative to ensure that the devices that are being placed on the market are in fact fully verified with respect to FCC compliance, else you will simply end up purchasing 1000s of devices from China and end up having to waste all of your money due to simple mistake of not testing and verifying the device and not hire company such as DBA Binary Fusion to cross reference and check FCC rules and regulations for your product.  

For example, let's pretend you saw good LED lights in China and realized that these LED lights can also be used as sensors for wireless signal communications to provide WIFI.  

You get excited and purchase 1000s of these LED lights from China, then you start installing them in different companies, who are essentially your customers (whom by the way we can also help you to get using our marketing services we use similar concept of marketing as in the world of education for getting students, similarly we can do so with any industry)

As soon you start installing these 1000s LED lights you get slammed with the lawsuit for causing interference with these LED lights for some other critical types of devices.  

Let's pretend you are working with hospitals.  Now let's pretend you have caused important critical life support system get crushed by the interference of your LED Air Waves due to the simple fact of not realizing that the devices from the manufacturer who created these devices didn't bother conforming to FCC rules (good example is China, not all China manufacturers are like that, but this is just a basic example of why you should consider hiring professional company such as DBA Binary Fusion to analyze not only wireless security for your IoT device with respect for how your IoT devices connect to the cloud, but should also have professional company verify that your devices are in fact FCC compliant or perhaps they violate FCC rules and if that is the case you will not see the daylight for any of the devices that you purchased unless of course, you hire DBA Binary Fusion company to help your poorly manufactured IoT devices become FCC compliant)

How can DBA Binary Fusion help?

We can help you get wired and wirelessly connected to the cloud through mobile carriers from in motion or in vehicle IoT wirelessly and securely in a way that is affordable for your small or medium or start up or even large size business.   We help companies architect the solution that would fit their budget.  We have ties with multiple types of solution vendors and partners in the industry of telecommunication, cloud, IoT.  

We can help you spec out the right type mobile modem/router for your local office, branch office or data center with wireless connectivity.  

We can help you inter-connect your wireless devices from your office or from in motion or in-vehicle wireless networks to the aggregated pipe using cloud interconnect that can help you save money especially if your site has multiple IoT devices moving across the entire USA.  We can help you put your wireless modems and router devices on the map and help you track your IoT devices from the centralized dashboard, while simultaneously helping you interconnect any of your wired locations to the cloud helping you gain control of your mobile WAN. all that while helping you verify your wireless security by hardening your IoT devices with proper protocols and configurations, helping you minimize risk.

Use Case for how our company can help

For Example, Let's say you are an industrial company and trying to connect IoT to the cloud

You decided to create a device in your lab that helps you calculate the pressure of the pipe, and your customer happens to be other companies who would need the pipe to be able to give that pipe to their workers to measure air conditioning temperature or pressure or whatever it is that you want to measure.  

Let's say you want that data sent to the cloud, and you are confused where to start, who to turn to, how to connect your IoT device to your cloud where your back and front end servers residing.  You have approached multiple companies to help you connect your IoT device that measures the pressure of the pipe to the cloud, and received the mixed level of response.  

Your head is spinning in multiple directions with all of the hardware vendors, mobile carriers all pushing you in different directions with everyone operating at different costs and with their own set of rules.  Your other engineers who helped you create the pipe for your particular industry, are working hard on IoT device to improve it and collect more data, however these guys do not have high level of understanding for what costs what and how IoT device will connect to the cloud securely and how to minimize risk of the device end up being hacked.  

These questions the shocking truth almost never get answered and what typically happens IoT device is released to the market.  This results in higher risk factor for being hacked or simply paying way too much money for way too many middle man, when in reality all you should have done is hired a company that can filter out all the middle man and provide you with concise set of recommendations and helps you implement your particular wireless connectivity in a secure fashion and not only helps you connect wireless to the cloud but also helps you market your product.  This is where DBA Binary Fusion comes in where we can help you streamline your connectivity, aggregate it, accelerate it, interconnect it to the cloud, and verify your IoT devices wireless and wired security.  

We can help you get interconnected using software-defined networking approach helping you minimize your expenses, check out our SDN book to see how we help not only companies transition into the cloud, but also help IT, traditional engineers, transition their skill set into the cloud.



What industries should consider checking their IoT device for FCC compliance?

All of the industries, that are purchasing devices mostly from China and other countries where airwaves are nonregulated. Our company DBA Binary Fusion works with lawyers and companies who are struggling to get their devices certified and pass FCC regulations, our company also helps start-up companies get their network not only wirelessly secured but also helps companies build their wireless and mobile networks in moving vehicles.

For example if your company happens to have a need for wireless WAN in-vehicle network where for example you are trying to send some data that you receive from the IoT device sensors to the cloud then our company can help you accomplish that task, with one or multiple types of IoT devices helping you achieve not only communication to the cloud, but also intercommunication between the IoT and M2M types of devices, regardless if they are on wireless or wired networks.

What does Poor Wireless Security mean for Companies?

  1. Signal degradation and loss of wireless connectivity
  2. Sluggish Network Wireless connectivity
  3. Slow Network Wireless Connectivity
  4. Inconsistent Wireless and Wired Guest Login pages
  5. The bad level of Interference from nearby devices.
  6. Not enough bandwidth or poorly adjusted wireless access point power levels
  7. Poor signal to noise Ratio
  8. Improperly configured encryption on the wireless networks allowing potential breaches.

What does it mean for IT Directors and IT Managers?

  1. Constant confusion of not knowing where the issue is.
  2. Escalated number of phone calls to helpdesk with wireless issues.
  3. Lower user performance.
  4. Higher Risk of someone hacking into the wireless network.

Wireless Security Company at your Service

We offer Wireless Security Consulting in NY, CT, NJ and MA for small, medium and enterprise level size companies. Often companies roll out wireless network design but tend to overlook the critical aspect such as network wireless security and many times simply prone to a thread outside of their organization without even knowing it.

“Binary Fusion helped us design centralized wireless network that incorporates hour multiple airport airline WIFI networks for airline guest users, interconnecting all of our airports together and making wireless security flexible for our airport terminal users” Drew Lawn -API Project Manager

There are many Wireless Standards out there that are used by wireless clients such as 802.11a, n, g offering ranges of different frequencies and method of communication which may often different from each other. Wireless Security aspect comes into play in situations where the customer wants to ensure that their Wireless Network is fully protected.

Multiple levels of wireless security protection are available using WPA2, AES etc, but often vulnerabilities come up that can even penetrate through WPA2, and AES wireless networks and it’s important to ensure that when designing a wireless network that the way it’s designed is with wireless best security practices. Binary Fusion specializes in Network Security for Wired and Wireless Networks. We can create a wireless design that is consistent with the wired design and offers best wireless network security.


Our Wireless Security and Optimization Services include

  • Identification of rogue access points and their remediation.
  • Channel Optimization to ensure best signal strength
  • Recommendation of appropriate power levels for each wireless access points
  • Wireless Network Scan for vulnerabilities and recommended remediation.

While designing Wireless Network we always make sure that Wireless Security is properly maintained, and use methods of isolated trunking, virtualization and proper network wireless monitoring controls which can help customers identify security breaches proactively.

Wireless Security and Troubleshooting Wireless Network Services

Operating a wireless network is more difficult than operating wired network, that is because with a wired network, you can see the cables and you can see physical aspect of how everything is connected, while on wireless network situation is totally different. However, protocols uniting the cohesiveness of wireless networks and wired networks and the conceptual understanding how packets from point A to point Z is the same. This level of understanding and skill set is well established by our Binary Fusion Wireless Network Consultants and can be helpful for companies who want to streamline their Wireless Network with the Wired network.

We leverage Netflow configured based access points to allow companies to view which client who is authenticated with Wireless Access Point is communicating with what other wired or wireless client, an important aspect of wireless security often overlooked. After all, how can someone identify if the issue is there without knowing what is happening on the wireless network?

We have wireless packet capture tools similar to Wireshark where we can troubleshoot complex wireless network security issue, we have tools to identify the level of interference on the wireless network to detect what other devices can potentially be causing disconnects or disruption of wireless service.

Wireless Centralization Services

Does your company have remotely connected offices in different regions all interconnected to PROD and DR sites through either MPLS, DMVPN or any other WAN type of connectivity and have wireless autonomous access points in remote sites? If you answered Yes, then centralizing wireless access points and their level of authentication is the right step for your company. Centralizing Wireless Network infrastructure for the purposes of easier management, easier troubleshooting, and better wireless security in many cases.

We help companies with remote offices wireless security and wireless network standardization allowing companies to centralize their wireless access points with wireless LAN controllers and RADIUS or ISE or ACS centralized servers and centralized Netflow based solution that can provide visibility for your entire network.

Note even if you do not have centralized connectivity to your PROD and DR site, Binary Fusion can create centralized connectivity for fraction of MPLS provider costs using great alternatives such as DMVPN. With our DMVPN centralized design and NetFlow centralization service, we can deliver visibility for your wireless network, because of Visibility = Wireless Security.

Binary Fusion is a wireless security company that offers network consulting services in various areas and can work together with other partners and vendors to deliver affordable wireless security solution. If you are interested in our services to feel free to request a quote or contact us from the top right corner.

We Service the Following Areas:

Wireless Security Services in New York
  • Manhattan
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  • Long Island
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Wireless Security Services in Connecticut
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