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NetworkConsultant.NET specializes in providing IT consulting services for the companies who are in need of application and web hosting in the cloud at their premises, or in the collocation facility. We help companies of different sizes and different industries, including to startups, small, medium, large and enterprise size companies. Regardless of what type of application that you need hosted we can help you decide on how it should be hosted what components to focus on, which data centers to pick, how to distribute the load, how to separate back end from front end and then we can manage it for you.

How are we different from other hosted IT managed services companies?

We are not just a hosting managed services company, but we are a IT consulting company who would help IT Directors and IT Managers build a hosted in cloud solution regardless of what type of application that you need help with, our unique expertise is Voice, Video, and Data communication as well as custom Web Development. We have built web educational portals ourselves for ourselves and created custom web application algorithms to properly manage the portal. We realize that customers may have rare requirements or have unique applications, and require someone who can understand the architecture of the application and host the application in the cloud while providing adequate connectivity to hosted application from the customer premises or web customers.

We don’t just host application we help you intelligently connect to hosted application.

Regardless of what type of app you need hosting we can help you not only host that App, but connect the application to your central offices then manage hosted application for you. We realize customers have different application hosting needs and some of them may be more sensitive than the others which is why we provide our consulting services for IT directors to decide where their application can be hosted in a secure way without having to worry about connectivity or management of the application.

Take a look at the example of our netflow managed hosted service application which we can host in public cloud, private cloud, onsite or in hybrid cloud and example of what type of managed hosting service you would expect. We don’t just host something and let customers decide how to connect to it instead we design the infrastructure tailored towards business continuity, disaster recovery and operational use of the application that you are trying to host, by interconnecting your application through our specifically designed DMVPN backbone, and will manage that DMVPN backbone for you as part of additional managed service. Take a look at our DMVPN managed services to see what we offer when we are referring to connectivity for your hosted application. We design the solution for minimum disruption time.

Web Hosting Consulting at your Service

Can NetworkConsultant.NET provide web hosting? Yes we can do that too, but our area of expertise is consulting, meaning we help you decide on the right web hosting, then if we get the contract we will roll it out for you or reuse another company that we think will suit the most for your business model. Note with web hosting there are multiple variables that needs to be considered when making your decision.

  • Does the Web Hosting provide capability to interconnect to your remote offices or central offices securely through 2 different ISPs?
  • If your web application start getting attacked through DDOS does the Web Hosting provide capability to turn on DDOS protection as part of additional service, if needed?
  • Does the Web Hosting provide managed services where they would monitor operational health state of the website and notify IT Directors if there is an issue?
  • Does the Web Hosting provide monitoring services for your primary clients that connecting to the web portal and automatically re-routes connectivity across different ISP if there is packet loss?

The ugly truth out there is that in 95% of the cases you will not find such web hosting company that satisfies all 4 criteria. Which is where NetworkConsultant.NET comes in, we can custom tailor your business continuity needs and disaster recovery needs for your application or web hosted application, in such a way that you don’t have to guess about grey areas and getting something without knowing 90% of the risk factors that have to do with the connectivity and application capacity related factors.

Benefits for VMware Customers

Due to the fact that we have partnered up with vmware, we can offer vmware application hosting managed services tailored to flexible needs of companies who already have in house vmware products such as vSphere Enterprise, vSphere Essentials and create custom built virtualization solution for your application, where we can host your application on a virtual machine and perform vMotion or replication from PROD to DR, leveraging smart load balancing and specifically engineered backbone tailored towards your needs. Visit our IT Managed Hosted Services for details about what type of VMware managed services we offer.

What type of application hosting is right for you? Why not contact us and find out? We provide free quote estimate, and fully disclosed quote if you decide to proceed with our service. Contact us from the top right corner phone number to talk to a Network Consultant.