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Is your company located in Staten Island New York; are you in the process of relocating your IT Network or turning up additional circuit within your branch office located in Staten Island NY? If so we are the company to contact, we provide affordable IT network consulting services and can help companies secure, analyze and design their IT network. Whether you are looking for help in troubleshooting your existing network or simply in the process of office renovation, or office relocation we can help. Our company specializes in providing innovative IT solutions for start ups, small, mid-size level, or even enterprise level companies in different industries, Health Care, Law, Finance you name it. At IT Network Consulting NY we provide best quality IT network consulting services for your money.

Our IT Network Consulting Company servicing Staten Island NY is the team of Cisco certified IT network solution professional servicing tri-state area, including area of lower and upper Manhattan NY , Brooklyn NY, Queens New York, Long Island NY, Connecticut and Westchester counties as well as New Jersey.   IT managers and Directors pay attention, we can be your eyes and ears on site, we can coordinate actions between IT solution vendors, Cisco, Juniper, Checkpoint and many other IT solutions vendors to deliver innovative IT network solutions which would help your company in saving money when it comes to user’s operational efficiency and ensuring that your IT network is scalable.

If you are an IT director or IT manager and given a simple task for centralize your remote offices, and already have pre-existing network design idea in place, we can help you realize that idea by working with you locally. We all know that branch offices have many challenges, such as no local IT presence, and out dated IT networks in place servicing users in the company that may be rapidly growing. Why not ask for help? We can not only analyze on site environment, and help your company bring up new circuit online, and interconnect it to your existing environment, but can also decommission your existing circuit in most transparent way possible and redirect old services which were running on old routers and switches to the new routers in switches. Not every IT network consultant can do that for the following reasons.

  1. Lack of IT knowledge when it comes to multiple IT solution vendors
  2. Lack of IT knowledge when it comes to ISP turn ups
  3. Lack of local resources at your fingertips.
  4. Lack of project management from start to finish.

Here is how we are different, when we visit your location we don’t send one man to do the job, instead we send the team of IT experts in groups of 2 to 3 people, who are IT network consultants and project managers. We believe in this strategy because it helps us stay accurate when making changes within company’s environment. If one person does one thing another is aware of what that person did, and 3rd one is recording an entire process, documenting and taking notes. Therefore, it reduces business impact risk and ability to stay in control of the environment, knowing where, how and why the infrastructure is layed out.   For example consider scenario where an office in Staten Island needs a simple network refresh, swapping a single t1 line with the newer set of t1s from the new ISP, and multi-linking them together into a bundle . Although such task may be simple, in fact it requires massive amount of steps prior to completion. Here are some of these steps.

  1. Identify New ISP ranges which one is ISP WAN block and which one is ISP LAN block , decide on which interface the new ISP will go onto
  2. Verify whether or not the cabling from the router is compatible.
  3. Verify if the IOS is compatible with the new card.
  4. Verify where the new router will be rack mounted.
  5. Verify what type of ISP protocol is being used.
  6. Migrate the old NAT statements to new Nat statement
  7. Decide which t1 card to replace
  8. Decide how to interconnect existing router to the new router.
  9. Decide what can be touched and what cannot be touched.
  10. Decide what can be patched and what cannot be patched.

Every decision has multiple outcomes, dependent not only on the existing steps, but on the overall outcome of the client. In some situations, there may be a missing screw, in others, protocol does not match, or cable is incorrect, or does not reach, or application doesn’t operate the way it used to operate. The more tasks it takes to complete the network refresh the higher the likelihood of missing something or breaking something. We minimize risk by ensuring that all the little nifty greedy details are addressed on site within minimum amount of time possible, which is why we come on site with the team of experts instead of a single consultant, at least initially to create the road-map.  

Our IT network consultants in Staten Island do not only connect equipment together but can help companies with IT office Network relocation. Our team of contractors can relocate your existing infrastructure from your company’s premises to the brand new office location in the new rack, or even build the rack for you, then interconnect all of the IT equipment, per new IT Network Design.   Plus if you are in the process of doing a network refresh and have no network design, we can design one for you, our IT network consulting services range from VPN build out, Network Virtualization, Business Continuity Planning, Nexus Core Refresh, Firewall Implementation, Web-Filtering deployment, Messaging Security, Network security and many others. Please refer to our service map flow chart to see detailed list of services that we offer.

Our premium network solution services in Staten Island New York can help companies take control of their IT, we don’t just say what type of Information Technology services we offer, we show you what we offer. Take a look at the Flow chart Services Map for yourself by clicking the home button on top and discover what we offer. Contact the phone number above in the top right corner to speak with the IT network consultant directly, we can meet directly in Staten Island NY NY and discuss your IT needs.

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