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NetworkConsultant.NET specializes in providing IT Network Consulting services for the states of CT, NY and NJ including major cities such as New Rochelle, Mamaroneck, Mount Vernon, Harrison and many others, as well as counties and boroughs of the metropolitan area, such as Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island, Staten Island, Westchester and Fairfield counties, including cities of Newark NJ, and metropolitan areas of New Jersey.

At NetworkConsultant.NET we help companies secure, analyze and design their network. We focus on services companies in tri-state area of CT, New York and New Jersey, including metropolitan area and surrounding cities, such as Manhattan NY, Newark NJ, Mount Vernon, Pelham, Fordham and major counties such as Westchester, Fairfield, New Haven. Our IT consulting networking company focuses on clients from different size and industries. We can provide IT consulting Services for Start up size companies in Mount Vernon NY and small medium businesses looking for IT Help as well as Medium and Enterprise size businesses.

Network Security Services for Companies in Mt Vernon New York

If you are looking for IT solution that can help your company to stay compliant with mandatory regulations of logging and archiving http/https traffic, our company can help. We specialize in IT Network Security solutions and can roll out solutions around customer’s needs, whether it’s web security, IT Messaging Logging and Archiving, network access control, Wireless Networking we can help. Even if you are in the process of turning up a circuit in your building and simply need us to connect it for you and coordinate between local ISPs, building providers and IT department then we can make that happen too.

Augmenting IT Staff in Mount Vernon NY with Reliable IT Network Consultant

We realize the challenges of IT departments in Mount Vernon New York and realize that some solutions are simply too difficult to roll out having robust IT expertise, we can augment your existing IT department and provide you with IT resource who can work as the contractor, and assist in implementing IT solution from start to finish. If you are interested in augmenting your IT staff with any resources and do not want to have to worry about managing IT resources, then we can provide IT Managed Services suitable for your company’s needs. Our managed services are tailored towards companies in Mount Vernon NY who simply need a solution from start to finish implemented in their premises with minimum involvement. We understand IT challenges companies face and can help in upgrading existing Network, troubleshooting network slowness or performing network assessment which can help companies find vulnerabilities within their infrastructure and weak links prior to someone else finding them.

IT Wireless Unified Solutions for Companies in Mount Vernon NY

If you have wireless network connectivity issues, and constantly battling BYOD security issues, where users in your premises bring random IPADs and laptops, but not sure how to ensure secure connectivity and stream line it with the policies with internal networking security then we can help. Our IT Wireless Network Consulting expertise can help companies implement wireless lan controller based solutions, providing users with centralized Wireless Access Point management and guest user functionality. Additionally we can conduct wireless network survey and identify dark spots and recommend optimal placement, run wires to the wireless access point, install wireless enclosures in the office. We can make wireless access points work with multiple vlans such as guest users, company users and support fast bandwidth speed and power over ethernet connectivity and make it fully compatible with unified wireless solution and streamline it with wired network security policies to suit company’s needs.

Instant Messaging Web Security Logging and Archiving Solutions for Mount Vernon NY

Interested in getting all of your public Instant Messaging logged and archived, we can provide instant logging and archiving managed in the cloud solution where we would log and archive all of your employees instant messengers such as Yahoo or skype so that way compliance officers can see communications that are happening on daily basis between employees. Our instant messaging solutions are also tailored towards companies in Mount Vernon NY, who are interested installing on site instant messaging security appliance in their premises and integrating it with active directory to ensure that buddy names correspond to active directory users, allowing compliance offices to zoom into each employee by active directory user name and see who user was talking with in the past 30 days, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 2 years, 3 years.

Unified Communications for Voice and Video Services in Mount Vernon NY

Is your company interested in rolling out voice over ip solution at your premises or in serious need in implementing video conferencing solution between your existing h.323 video devices in your local office in Mount Vernon NY and other remote offices, but simply not sure how to make this happen? We can help your company integrate voice over ip solution system, regardless of your company size, that can integrate with your existing CUCM and interoperate between SIP and h.323 devices and provide companies with collaboration solution that can include, voice, video and desktop sharing as part of integrated soft client that can make voice, and video calls to h.323 endpoints, desktop phones, and other soft client users. Wouldn’t it be nice using a single soft client for all of your collaboration needs from internal office location, branch office, headquarter office or from your home and on the go? We can make this happen, we can even roll out MultiWay solution which can allow company users create multi party video conferencing calls across your backbone or the internet. We can tweak your backbone, update QOS settings, coordinate between ISPs to get the proper admission controls in place and best of all, we can monitor it all to ensure that it works properly.

Our company specializes in securing, analyzing and designing infrastructure

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