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Having issues with your Network?  Need help troubleshooting faulty Internet connection?  Trying to implement IT networking solution but not sure if it will work within your environment?  Why not let us help?  We are the company originated from Connecticut with our office in New York.  We can help organizations troubleshoot existing wireless connectivity issues, come up with the firewall migration plan from older firewalls to the new ones, migrating all the existing rule policies, and routing info.    Additionally we can create customized plan per company’s requirement to replace existing switches and routers as well as other IT infrastructure with the newer IT infrastructure. 

If you have a unique network virtualization requirement we can also help, by saving you money when it comes to buying solutions which can not only replace existing solution but be cheaper in pricing and can be solutions for multiple business requirements.  For example some customers may want to have additional internet line but not sure how to make it redundant while at the same time needing a web security solution that can handle URL filtering for web security needs, why not in such case use a single appliance that can handle multiple requirements for the fraction of the cost of dedicated appliances? 

In many situations we realize that company wants to reduce business risk and need to separate their appliances to make sure that if one crashes it doesn’t affect another, we realize such circumstances which is why we believe in multi-vendor based approach.  After all best network security is when multi-vendor based solutions is in place, relying on a single vendor may not be the best solution after all, especially if one vendor cannot release a patch which would defend users from a business associated risk factor, while other vendor can.    Our company specializes in multi vendor based approach of providing network security solutions in Milford CT and nearby cities to reduce business risk factor and provide maximum business continuity. 

How do we operate?  We come directly to your office in Milford CT or have a meeting online and start of our work with detailed analysis of your entire organization, sort of like an audit of your IT infrastructure, then we create a detailed report of weak links and provide you the scale from level of risk and a scale score for how easy it will be to resolve such risk.  Then we present it to you on the platter and let you (IT Director, IT Manger) decide which issue you want to tackle first.   This way we help companies to create a road map for the future projects and help IT directors not only make the first step in deciding what is critical and what is not but also helping IT directors and managers to be able to start calculating costs with each IT network solution.  

Getting work beak down structure is not easy if you are not sure what needs to be fixed in a first place and what priority it should take place, but with our comprehensive approach we can get that done.  Our dedicated team of IT network consultants specifically dedicated to your project work directly with IT Directors and IT Managers as well as other technical employees within the company to address the issues they are encountering and how to solve them most efficiently. 

We realize that on daily basis company’s employees mostly worried about support, license upgrades and maintenances for their IT infrastructure and have barely if no time for creativity when it comes to coming up with solution.  Daily IT Engineers may know vaguely what is needed but cannot effectively come up with the solution to the ongoing issues with existing Network, which is why we highly recommend ourselves.

 We can come to your company’s environment sit down with each and every IT member who is responsible for ESX VM, for Business Continuity, for firewall administration, for network administration, for SQL administration and come up with the road map based on the existing challenges that everyone of such employees going through.  This can act as additional factor for IT Directors to make their decision of what solution is needed and what is not needed.   We are not here to create coordination head ache for you, we are here to make it easier for you to focus and make sure that you are working on the right project.

Some companies may need to segregate their business critical functions and need network consultants help to get this done.  Why?  That is because we can quickly understand the business requirement and help you to translate that business requirement into virtualized set of IT infrastructure.  For example some organizations may want to have business to business partner connectivity to their central offices in redundant fashion yet separated from their environment and other business to business partners. How do we accommodate that?  We first identify the business to business functions, create logical IP schema for each business partner, then create isolate VPN  tunnel on separate virtual router forwarders on dedicate platforms, intermixed with the Firewalled Zones working in conjunction with the virtual switch interfaces to route from your internal network across protected firewall zone.  Now all though it may seem easier said than done, we know the true effort required to get such solutions implemented.

                We work with different types of companies, small to mid-size to enterprise and provide IT network solutions for companies who simply need help.  Let us help see what services we offer click on the home button to see the full flow chart of services we offer.  We can come directly to Milford CT and whiteboard out the solution.If you are looking for any other network consultant in Milford CT you will not find one with the level of IT networking expertise  that our Network Consultants servicing Milford CT can provide.   We don’t just provide network consulting services for your company; we analyze your Network, and design network solutions that are well for your business.

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