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Juniper IT Network Consulting services for the state of CT, NY and NJ at affordable price, is exactly what we provide at NetworkConsultant.NET. Are you in the process of installing new firewalls maybe SSG 140 or any other type of Juniper firewall for branch office and need assistance in installing the firewall, enabling web-filtering and anti-virus protection then why not let us help you configure firewall signatures, and setup the firewall right away from start to finish. We have certified Juniper Network Consultants who can help IT Directors design robust Juniper Network which can be rolled out as VPLS service for interconnecting of layer 2 backbone across pseudowire to deliver cluster based Unified Communications environment for your Prod and DR environment and to allow redundancy across layer 2 to accommodate your clustering need for Call Managers for example or other type of devices that require layer 2 connectivity.

We happen to have the best of the best Juniper Network Consultants in NY, CT and and NJ and can ensure that the Juniper based solution operates in conjunction not only with anti-virus at the gateway feature, IPS and anti-bot functionality but can also provide Wireless capability for your guest and internal users. Why not have a small firewall that can do it all for your branch office without incurring major expenses? Our IT Network Consultants in Juniper networks can help you decide with what hardware you should get in order to satisfy your business requirements and what features to activate.

“NetworkConsultant.NET made our Network secure and robust in the matter of 3 weeks with Cisco Network fully integrated!”

We provide Juniper IT consulting services for start up companies, small and medium companies and even for enterprise businesses. We realize that companies need to protect their investment when rolling out Juniper solution and ensure that solution provides remote access capability, anti-virus at the gateway level, robust firewall functionality, web security and more. Enterprise and Medium size businesses would of course benefit from Checkpoint firewalls since they are better firewalls long term then Juniper firewalls, but Juniper firewalls are the best for startup and small business size companies.

Majority of our clients have Juniper firewalls and majority of our clients ask to roll out other juniper solutions inside their premises and when we do get the job done, many of them thank us for providing solution that is affordable all in one and at the same time scalable. Our Juniper IT Network Consulting Company specializes in servicing all types of businesses, ranging from law firms, financial organizations, medical companies, healthcare, education, manufacturing and IT consulting industries. We follow best network security practices when rolling out Juniper solution and using best network virtualization approach when it comes to specific customer requirements, such as Isolation of user guest traffic, or isolation of one set of user from another set of users through the use of dedicated virtualized backbone.

Juniper firewalls is what we live by and work with on daily basis and can get your network secure using robust Juniper Network Architecture here is some of the Juniper platforms that we specialize on.

IDP Series Intrusion Detection and Prevention Appliances

Or Engineers provide IT Network Consulting Services for IDP series Juniper devices and focus on implementing and integrating intrustion detection and prevention products to provide comprehensive inline network firewall security from worms, Trojans, spyware, keyloggers, and other malware.

ISG Series Integrated Security Gateways Network Consulting

Additionally we specialize with juniper gateways that are purpose-built with high-performance and with the help of our our IT consultants we can help you configre Integrated network security firewall which is designed to deliver scalable network and application access control and network security for large enterprise, carrier and data center networks.

Additionally we specialize in the following Juniper Platforms

  • MAG Series Junos Pulse Gateways Network Consulting
  • NetScreen Series Security Systems Network Consulting
  • SRX Series Services Gateways
  • SSG Series Secure Services Gateways
  • Unified Access Control

We are different from other IT Network Consulting companies specializing in Juniper solutions, simply because we can work with both Cisco and Juniper solutions to provide robust and secure network. For example, for some customers we design fully scalable Virtual Cloud based hosted solution consisting of virtualized cisco routers, providing scalable DMVPN functionality for remote offices, while at the same time fully integrated with virtual zones on the Juniper firewalls and virtual sub-interfaces on the Cisco routers and switches, allowing granularity and control of Business 2 Business traffic and providing secure point of entrance and point of exit for company’s network. Thereby allowing company to take control of their existing network.

We have solutions for Travel Agencies, Wireless Kiosks and for companies who need fully virtualized hosted cloud inside their premises rather than on relying on some other clouds whose security methodology is questionable. We make virtualization with Cisco and Juniper work for our clients and can provide custom IT Network Solutions that will benefit companies long term and provide the best Return On Investment. To find out more about the solutions that we provide or to discuss your company’s need feel free to contact us back from the phone number at the top right corner or request a quote.

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