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“With IT Network consulting services offered by we managed to improve our network speeds and finally figure out why our internet constantly flaps!”

We are the firm that specializes in IT Network Consulting Services in Hartford CT, we are the team of Cisco professional experts handling tri-state area, including Hartford CT, Milford CT, Windsor Lock, Wallingford, Bristol, Newington, New Haven,, Cheshire and Hamden area as well as tri state area of CT, NY and New Jersey. Our expertise is in IT networking and network security solutions for health care, educational and financial organizations, including but not limited to local hospitals, doctor offices, schools, non-profit organizations, restaurants and travel agencies.   We can help organizations secure, design and analyze their network and provide network solution recommendations which would help IT Directors and IT managers to ensure best return on investment and better user experience.

Whether you are looking for a network refresh, such as existing IT infrastructure upgrade or simply network vulnerability scan for your external IP addresses showing you all vulnerabilities that exist on your external network with recommendations of how to fix such vulnerabilities, we can help. With our comprehensive IT Network Security solution services in Hartford CT we can help companies take control of their environment by introducing range of IT networking solutions which would be beneficial for company’s employees work efficiency, being able to faster open up file shares, being able to resiliently connect to applications across the web, or existing MPLS circuits.

We can provide additionally IT network consulting and network relocation services in Hartford CT and tri-state area, including but not limited to Fairfield County, New Haven county, Hartford County, Wallingford, Windsor Locks, Bristol, Newington, Waterbury and other nearby cities.   We do realize that companies have offices and in many cases need to move out of their offices to another location and that means relocating their IT services in many cases to different location or simply bring up online connectivity to existing data centers from the new offices.  

The process of relocating IT network infrastructure from offices can be quiet daunting task, without proper planning the process of relocating can be extremely cumbersome. We help companies relocate their IT networking equipment and design and engineer not only company’s network to how it should operate within new office, but how network equipment would be arranged within the new office. We don’t just do layer 2/layer 3 connectivity for our clients, instead we coordinate with general contractors placement of fiber and copper cabling between your user’s desks and patch panel, as well as making sure that the network equipment in company’s premises is properly interconnected covering not only general user’s desks but pantry areas, conference rooms. Having server room in your office properly connected to the rest of the patch panel, building proper racks and making sure that it all fits in a single puzzle is our expertise.

Relocating IT Network services is not as easy as many people may think; it requires proper connectivity to remote data centers leveraging proper backbone and making sure that the original connectivity which was placed in is still operating. Through our VPN design services we can ensure that your office is interconnect properly to remote data centers and with our remote access solution services we can ensure that your home remote users can still connect to company’s environment form their home.  

We can ensure that the placement of wireless access points is done properly by conducting wireless survey and ensuring that WIFI network is properly segregated between multiple networks such as guest network and internal networks, allowing better flexibility for internal users to connect.

Additionally companies can benefit from our business continuity analysis services. With business continuity planning services we help CEOs, CTOs and CIOs answer critical questions, questions that IT Directors and IT managers should be asking themselves.

Does your company have a plan when there is a failure on ESX storage SAN?

Does your company have a plan for internet fail-over and redundancy?

Does your company have a plan when there is a business to business VPN tunnel failure?

Does your company have a plan when there is a VM failure?

Does your company have a plan for when there is a core switch failure?

                Does your company have a plan for when there is leased line failure to Bloomberg?

               Does your company have a plan for server backup?

If you answered No to any of such questions, then you need to call the phone number above top right and talk to our IT Solution Architect directly to create business continuity and disaster recovery plan. If you are looking for any other network consultant in Hartford CT you will not find one with the level of IT expertise that our Network Consulting Experts servicing Hartford CT can provide.   We don’t just provide network consulting services for your company; we secure, analyze and take control of your company’s IT Network in Hartford CT, and design IT network solutions that are well suited for your business. Why not give us a call and see what we can do for you, through the service flow chart map, then contact us by the number on top right corner.

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