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Let us answer any IT networking question which you have in mind! Our IT Network Solutions for Fordham NY clients can help companies with their IT Network Service needs. Whether you are a small organization looking for a one time technical recommendation or a long term IT Managed Services partnership, we can help. With over 30 years of experience our experienced Level 3 engineers can help you get the job done. Whether you are interested in IT Relocation Services of your existing offices to the new location and need combination of both IT Networking Solutions and someone who can make sure that your existing services are smoothly transitioned into the new location, giving you not only the transparency that you should look for in every transition when dealing with professional network consultants for your IT network relocation needs, but also make sure that you have long lasting solution for affordable price from a one stop shop single IT managed Service Solution provider.

                We are the networking consulting company that has reliable local contacts with local engineers IT Solution Vendors and work with other IT network consulting firms to deliver solution that is robust, scalable and affordable. We realize that the process of migrating to the new IT infrastructure can be difficult and may require multiple challenges especially when it comes to IT Network Relocation resources, simply because there are a lot of variables to go through before when getting involved with such projects.   We can do a packet capture analysis on every aspect of your infrastructure, for example for new office companies, we can provide complete layer 7 IT solution from top to bottom.   Companies need real things, such as conference rooms, communication equipment, VOIP integration, Wireless Integration, LAN Design, WAN Design and many other IT integration Services. So why not let us help, this way you don’t have to go to 300 different other consulting firms to do each task and can outsource your IT to us.  

                For companies that already have their IT infrastructure environment designed and engineered, but need additional presence of a level 2 tech who can be onsite, we can help as well and provide the engineer who can get the job done. We are not only middle size or small size IT Solution provider, but we also provide Enterprise level IT solutions, with solutions for Tele-Presence, Video Conferencing, Virtualization, Network Security and much more. Please take a look at our service map flow chart for what we offer.

We can provide troubleshooting and IT Support Services and can make sure that your network runs smoothly with our monthly maintenance. We can analyze your entire network and recommend best practices and road map for IT Directors and IT Managers and C-level executives. The secret hidden processes maybe running within your network and you would have no idea what is causing outages without complete analysis. We can help install, configure IT Network Monitoring systems which would help you take control of your organization. We help you secure, analyze and design your network in the way that it provides you with future cost savings and ways to grow.

If you are looking for any other network consultant near Fordham NY you will not find one with the extensive expertise our IT Network Consultants NY can provide. For the following reasons: We are Local IT Network Professionals in Fordham NY, we can beat any IT competitor in Cisco Pricing, we have over 30 years of combined Experience in IT networking, we are business owners just like you and not simply Techies, we are Cisco Certified. We work with local contractors, ISPs, Datacenter providers, IT Network Solution Vendors of from small to medium to enterprise levels. Additionally we can work with multiple vendors,

not just Cisco and can troubleshot your existing infrastructure, which means we are one stop shop which means we provide IT Managed Services in Fordham NY! Meaning we are not just consultants but we are the IT Managed Service Providers who can work with your company and coordinate resources and network solutions to get the job done.  Example of our service would be, visit customer premises, complete site survey, identify scope of work, create project proposal, compile quotes, process quotes and deliver IT networking solutions in Fordham NY.

Does your company have a brand new building with nothing in it? No tables, no IT resources, nothing? Trying to relocate your IT resources but not sure where to start? Call us we can make it happen, get the quote. The integration of your office can start with simple task such as identifying architecture of the building, where to place fiber lines, where to add wireless access points, where to add video conferencing units, with speakers, white board, media converters.   All this is next to impossible to coordinate and figure it out without proper guidance of IT Network Consultants that doesn’t just help you get the entire office built with all of your IT needs handled, but also provide solid network designs, interconnecting your PROD and DR data centers together, letting your company have connectivity from day 1 of the go live date.

Our range of IT network solution services in Fordham NY area can be anything from integration of dedicated network backbone interconnectivity between offices into central offices, integration of DMVPN tunnels running over EIGRP, OSPF. Additionally we provide integration and isolation of remote vendors for business to business partner’s connectivity into dedicated Virtual Router Forwarders used in conjunction with virtualized firewall network security best practices and much more. We provide the best IT network Services in NYC that suits your organization’s needs.

Our premium network solution services in Fordham New York can help companies take control of their IT, we don’t just say what type of Information Technology services we offer, we show you what we offer. Take a look at the Services Map by clicking the home button on top and discover for yourself what we offer. Contact the phone number above in the top right corner to speak with the network consultant directly, we can meet directly in Fordham NY and discuss your IT needs.

We also offer Manhattan IT Consulting services in NYC New York Area

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