IT Network Support Troubleshooting, Cable Wiring, Video Conferencing, Infrastructure Monitoring Services in Danbury CT

Best IT consulting Services for Danbury, Bethel, Redding Businesses

Network Consultants in Danbury Connecticut are at your service, we are the team of Cisco certified network professional servicing tri-state area, including but not limited to the areas of Brewster NY, Redding CT, New Fairfield CT, Bethel CT, Newtown CT and of course Danbury CT. If you are looking for any other network consulting firm with our level of expertise in network solutions and network design services you will not find one. We are not Techies we are business owners just like you and know what business owners need based on initial site analysis and several kick up conference calls.

IT Relocation Services in Danbury, Bethel, Redding and other areas

We provide variety of network services for companies, who are in need. IT Relocation Services such as working closely with the company to relocate from their old office to the new location, designing network connectivity around office needs and making sure that network connectivity to existing data centers in remote locations is preserved, or wiped out completely and redesigned leveraging redundant routing protocols to allow clients to dynamically connect to their datacenters.  For more info about Our IT Relocation Services visit here.  We can help with relocating switches, routers, documenting interconnectivity, conducint network site survey before disconnecting equipment and making sure that everything is neatly migrated to new data center location.

Rack installation Cable Wiring Help

Are you going through head ache of building new racks getting racks installed delivered? Why not let our IT network consultants help? Running cables from user desks into patch panes in the server room?  If so we can take care of these issues and make sure that when we redesign the network that it’s not only configuring from the routing protocol perspective and from redundancy aspect but from the ground up. We work with local independent contractors to address cable wiring issues that we can’t address and make sure that everything is properly coordinated. As it goes for the Networking Solutions that we provide you can take a look at our IT service flow chart to see what we offer.   We can not only just build you your network from ground up but we can make sure that it’s designed properly with automatic fail-over and minimum business risk impact. 



Wireles Solutions and Services in CT

Want to deploy wireless network?  Do you have necessary tools and team on staff to deploy wireless infrastructure?  If you answers No, then you came to the right place, we can help your company with wireless solutions, where we can design solutions for you from scratch for your small dental, health, educational, real estate, law of financial organization.  We can provide wireless site survey and detect best placement of wireless access points then can help you provide robust Wireless Access Points + controller based solution, either Cisco, Enterasys, or any other major vendor.   View our Wireless Solutions page for more info. We can help Danbury, Milford, Meriden, Redding, Bethel, New Haven companies get reliable wireless solution, we can help you wire it and propose the right solution as well!



We are realistic when it comes to promises and deliverables

We will not promise you 100% connectivity up time but we will promise you ways to make sure that you have work-around for the network connectivity issues and way to avoid them, and help you design the network which would suit your company’s needs. If you are a small company, start-up company, large business or medium size business our granular IT Solution Services would suit your needs. We don’t have strict black and white pricing, simply because we are the service provider and companies have different constrains and challenges.   Some constrains may require additional contractors on site, and hence different pricing independent from our pricing. We can help with the process of project brainstorming and planning.


Interconnectivity for remote Offices Engineering and Network Virtualization

Additionally we can help companies come up with DMVPN design for existing networks to interconnect remote offices together using redundant protocols, provide remote access connectivity for home users to connect to companies resources. Install load balancing internal and external solutions to load balance critical traffic.

Other services include network virtualization where we can SILO off your critical resources within multiple Virtual Router Forwarders across separate Routing Platforms, separate virtual firewall contexts feeding off into dedicated Switch Virtual interfaces, segregated by different firewall zones for the purpose of business to business partner connectivity across IPSEC tunnels. Some companies may not understand the concept of network virtualization until you show customers the amount of savings network virtualization can provide for IT Directors. We help companies virtualized their infrastructure environment, whether you are in need of server virtualization or network virtualization or combination of both we can help your small or medium business.  We can also help centralize your offices together, to minimize operational expenses check out our remote office centralization page for more details of our services.



Video conferencing Solutions + Cisco Telepresence Integration Services

    Need assistance integrationg Jabber, Lync, Polycom, Tandberg units together to allow video conferencing and collaboration to take place?  Need help with integrating LDAP services in the mix and making solution restricted to only specific number of phone calls?  Or perhaps looking for way to interconnect through video conferencing remotely and internally?  Looking for methods to redirect DNS .srv records, attempting to make desktop sharing a reality to allow employees to collaborate and make phone calls or need help with Call Manager integration?  If you answers yes to any of these questions feel free to check our unified telecommunication service offering for enterprise level customers or medium offices section.



Project Managemet Expertise to help you identify root cause of issues

     Additionally we work with ISPs to make sure that when network implementation process begins with the right sub-netting practice. We often find customers down the road with large IP blocks restraining themselves from being able to segregate their resources and end up spending extra money for resources they do not need. We can make sure that the ISP Circuits are delivered to your office and ensure that proper IP range is delivered from the beginning.   This allows us to segregate IP blocks and provide network virtualization methodologies for implementing network design that is cost efficient and doesn’t handicap companies in the future.  

Routing Analysis, network troubleshooting services

        Plus we help companies to defend against ISPs accusations of not seeing any issues with network connectivity when the critical down time occurs or after the critical network failure happens allowing us to assist customers in providing the root cause of the network connectivity issue.   With our network monitoring in house service we can make sure that your network circuit utilization is properly monitored ad that you have graphical representation of what is going on within your routing environment allowing you to quicker identify routing issues in the cloud and be able to react upon them.

IT Monitoring Solutions for different types of companies

                Now our IT monitoring in house solution services may not prevent issues from happening but rather provide customers with the right level of visibility of what the issue may be which is why we provide additional set of services allowing companies to survive ISP failure by being automatically failed over to the appropriate ISP in the event of an outage.   What we can do is set up ISP automatic redundancy for customers who are not familiar with the complex routing BGP protocols and simply want to do this much simpler and easier. With our basic routing services we can help you make this happen.   Vew our Network Monitoring Analysis and solution services for more info.

Need Help securing your network?

     We can help you secure, analyze and design your network with the help of North East Analysis team we can help you analyze your network, and with the help of DBA Binary Fusion design and secure your network.   View our Network Security solutions here.  We can also provide network vulnerability assesment, external penetration testing, custom security operation center solution to scan firewall logs and send out alerts to your internal management team, messaging security solutions for compliance chat regulatory purposes, intercombination of web browser security solutions leveraging custom proxy concepts.  We specialize in Bluecoat, Actiance, Cisco, Enterasys, Checkpoint vendors and can help you secure your premises with our neatly custom integrated solutions.    We can analyze performance of your network prior to rolling out custom network security solution.  

Integration of custom security systems

      We can help companies install remote viewing surveilance systems, infrared night cameras, network asset security systems and cable up and wire many different components of your systems together and make them inter operable with each other.   We can leverage our network skills to provide unique solutions for residential and commercial customers.


Custom IT Integration Solutions for variety of use cases

IT solution Services configuring devices is not the only thing we do. Redundant ISPs, Automatic VPN Redundancy, Remote Access Solutions, Cable Interconnection Services, DMVPN Design, Network Refresh are not the only services we offer, our additional services include Business Community Analysis helping IT managers come up with the DR disaster recovery plan to reduce business impact risk when it comes to critical application being able to connect, or network vulnerability assessment on external range of IPs that can reveal holes within your network. To request a quote simply call the number on top right, or view our flow chart for the range of services that we offer.

Pre-Screening Interview solutions over Web Browser

We can help companies with desgining custom search engine solution or even video conferencing pre-screening tools helping business pre-screen candidates or have collaborative video conferencing meetings, we can help small, medium and large size businesses with custom solutions, leveraging open source concepts  We have solutions for Education, Real Estate, Law Offices, Dental Clinics, professional LLCs and much more.   If you are looking for method to collaborate with your employees or looking for custom whiteboard + video conferencing web development and network consulting integration service we can help, we specialize in these sectors and have variety of use cases that we can show you for demo.

Video Conferencing and Interoperable systems integration solutions

 Custom Whiteboard Integration Services for intercommunication between web browsers and h.323/SIP Systems, Polycom and Tandberg units.  We can create custom web developed interconnectivity modules to help companies bridge IPADs, Microsof Surface device, Android and other devices.


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