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NetworkConsultant.NET specializes in analyzing, securing and designing company’s network regardless of the type of industry company focuses on, Health Care, Finance, Law, Medical, IT we can help IT managers and directors to design flexible centralized checkpoint firewall solution, leveraging Checkpoint firewall running latest GAIA OS, and allowing IT Directors and Managers to create robust remote access security policies defined firewall policies, and even leverage internal Web Security blades, Anti-Bot and Anti-Spam blades fully integrated with your central network and remote office network to provide compliant based security, centralized management and best of all integrated firewall platform which lasts longer than any other firewalls. We can help companies take control of their firewall environment, by segregating rules into different managed groups and help IT directors drive object oriented rule set addition and removal functionality with ease and warm and fuzzy feeling.

“Network Consultant.NET helped us integrate centralized management for our checkpoint firewalls and engineered redundant ISP network which still lasts today”

Through the use of distinctive security blades that come with checkpoint product we are able to satisfy different business size requirements, whether you are a small business, medium business, enterprise business, start up, or SOHO based company. Our checkpoint Network consultants can help variety types of businesses by leveraging different models of UTM devices and firewalls, as well leveraging virtualization to ensure that you get the best redundantly designed systems, and best of all we can make the checkpoint firewalls work with identity awareness leveraging your existing AD for identification of users, smart tracking, advanced reporting, Web Security, Anti Bot, Anti Spam, DLP, IPS.

Our Checkpoint Network Consultants in NY, Manhattan NYC can come directly to your premises and discuss your firewall network security needs and propose the solution that makes sense for your environment. We all know that when you compare checkpoint firewalls to other vendors such as Cisco, Juniper, SonicWall, Fortigate, that Checkpoint provides the best central management capabilities.


There are many instances where IT directors may want to see what data flows through the firewall, we can help IT directors configure netflow on the firewall and make it with your existing SolarWinds Network Monitoring suit or recommend free network monitoring solution. We are the company of robust IT Network Consultants specializing not only Checkpoint, but also specializing in other firewalls as well, such as Checkpoint, Juniper, SonicWall, Fortigate. Therefore if you are in the process of deciding with which firewall to go with and not sure which one to chose, then you must come to consulting advice. We can go through advantages and disadvantages of each firewall platform with you and get you to buy the best firewall for your company within your budget which will be well suited for your long term protection. So how do we do this?

When choosing Checkpoint, you must not only poses the skill of a routing and switching engineer to configure it properly, but you also must know the licensing model and have exact idea in your head what you are trying to accomplish. In many cases your compliance officer may request you to ensure that traffic from remote branch offices is secured and goes through the firewall prior to crossing over the WAN. This way you can still prevent any type of BOT, virus, network attack issues isolated to your remote branch, while at the same time still satisfying your web security requirements of being able to log and archive your users’ web-site usage what pages they are browsing to, and at the same time be able to provide automatic Internet redundancy where all the traffic through the internet would traverse through local ISP and, in the event of local ISP failure would traverse through your WAN MPLS circuit for example or vice versa dependent on reliability of your ISP and business requirements.

When using checkpoint vendor for your firewall solution, there are multiple ways to skin a cat, and we happen to have local resources who can skin a cat the right way. Why not let our IT Check Point Network Consultants take the lead and deliver you secure network connectivity solution for your central and remote offices? Call us today by dialing the number on top right corner.

Example of what we can do is the following.

  1. Design Redundant ISP Checkpoint Cluster Firewall solution
  2. Design Remote Access VPN Solution using checkpoint
  3. Convert from firewalls from R75,6,7,8 version to latest version.
  4. Roll out Virtualized Smart Dashboard firewall Management server running GAIA
  5. Analyze existing rules, implement additional firewall rules.
  6. Migrate from Cisco/Juniper firewall vendor to checkpoint vendor
  7. Create Full Mesh VPN tunnels between remote sites and central offices.

What CheckPoint Platforms do we specialize in? We specialize in 4400,2200 Series SPLAT firewalls, UTM/Edge. Additionally we can help you decide on which licenses to buy, with what firewall and be your managed service partner, getting you quotes for your needs and helping you decide on the best platform.

Are you IT consulting company and have a client who perhaps you can refer to us, or outsource portion of your project to us? If so don’t hesitate to contact us we can help you with firewall security, firewall rules migration, firewall rules analysis, clean up and best of all remediation and replacement of insecure firewall rules. Our Checkpoint Network Consultants service major metropolitan areas of NY, CT and NJ can come directly on site to analyze your entire infrastructure or propose solution remotely, providing that all the diagrams and requested information is provided.

We also realize that many companies have remote offices and we can provide external vulnerability assessment for these offices and help you secure your network and help you take control of your organization.

We Service the Following Areas:

Checkpoint Network Consulting Services in NY
  • Manhattan
  • Bronx
  • Queens
  • Brooklyn
  • White Plains
  • New Rochelle
  • Long Island
  • Staten Island
  • Port Chester
Checkpoint Network Consulting Services in CT
  • Stamford
  • Greenwich
  • Westport
  • Norwalk
  • New Haven
  • Hartford
Checkpoint Network Consulting Services in NJ
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