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Is your company looking for help in renovating new office or relocating to the new office and need help in doing your IT Network Migration right? If so, then you came to the right place. We specialize in IT Consulting Services, for the tri-state area servicing different size and type of companies. Our IT Consulting Services in Brooklyn NY are affordable and best of all scalable and flexible for small offices, start up offices, medium size offices or enterprise size companies. Some of the companies who we worked with in the past include, medical offices, law offices, professional LLCs, financial companies, education and non-profit companies. We have created IT Networks and provided IT solutions for companies with different types of vendor infrastructures and different organizational structures.

We have custom made best Network deployment practice templates for company’s environments in different industries, and chances are we can accommodate your IT business needs based on already existing template. Even if you happen to be a small office simply looking to introduce wireless infrastructure inside your premises and need help or looking to integrate Web Security solutions to log and archive all of your http traffic, then we are the IT Network Company who can help you satisfy your IT Business needs.

Our advanced IT Consulting practices are tailored towards companies who would like to reduce business continuity risk and are interested in seeing IT Solution products which would work for them long term providing the best return on investment and scalability for growth. Our IT Consulting company specializes in Network Security sector, and provides IT Network Security Solutions based on the best practices adhering to the best industry standards and ensure IT solutions follow compliance based regulations. We provide external vulnerability assessment for external and internal Network Infrastructure environment, which consists of detailed analysis of potential risk factors and recommendations for remediation and fix of the potential vulnerabilities. Our dedicated IT Network Security Experts focus not only in External Vulnerability assessment, but also in other sectors of IT Network Security, such as Web Security allowing companies to log and archive their employees http/https traffic, IM Messaging Security, allowing companies to log and archive their IM instant messengers such as Yahoo, AIM, SKYPE and Network Access Security allowing companies to take control of who logs onto their Network and ensure that users are conformed to the IT Wireless and Wired Security Guest practices.

We are the only IT Consulting firm servicing Brooklyn NY, who specializes within Network Security, and Network Design, who is also flexible enough to accommodate IT company’s needs for Voice, Video and Collaboration while ensuring that all of your Unified Communication Solutions are virtualized, secure and affordable. We can service Brighton Beach area of Brooklyn, Emmons Avenue, Shipshead Bay and other areas of Brooklyn NY. We can meet you directly at your company’s premises and provide you with the DEMO of the IT Solutions we can offer for your environment.


Our IT Consulting Services also cover Unified Wireless Communications solutions where we can roll out robust Wireless Networking solution for your company. We can analyze your existing office and perform a wireless survey identifying dark spots and interference signals, and provide you with the optimal placement location of the Wireless Access Points. Many other IT consulting companies outsource wireless site survey of their projects and use our expertise of Wireless Site Survey analysis and recommendations as the initial step in rolling out Unified Wireless Solution for their customers. Of course, Wireless Site Survey is only portion of the work that we do to get your office in Brooklyn NY to the optimal level of performance and user efficiency. Other portion of the Unified Wireless Communication solutions that we offer, include centralized placement of Virtualized Wireless LAN Controllers, streamlined for Guest user capability to conform to the guest User access capability similarly to how it’s done on the wired network and last but not least, installation and placement of Wireless Access Points in dedicated chassis in the raised ceilings or mounted on the walls.

IT Security Services offered by NetworkConsultant.NET in Brooklyn NY are helpful for companies who are looking for help in IT Network Relocation and IT Office renovation projects. Our dedicated team of IT Network Office Relocation experts can get the job done right, and ensure that when you are migrating your office equipment to a new location that your connectivity services to central PROD and DR sites are still operational. We do this by conducting full renovation/relocation of IT resources analysis, laying it all out in the Project Doc and presenting it to your CIO, or IT Directors on the platter with suggestions of how to do things best for your existing scenario.

For example, we can help companies who have central switches patched from their data center to their desks, re-organized in such a way that all of the access switches are directly located under users desks and ensure that switch placement under the desks, and the pantry areas is optimal and ergonomically compatible with how electrical wiring between the desks flows and ensuring that switches do not overheat, while maintaining proper desk to switch placement. There is simply way too many variables for IT Directors to worry about, we can help identifying these variables and ensure that these variables do not hurt the company’s connectivity. So what are you waiting for? Contact at the number on the top right corner to get a quote for our services.

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