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AWS Cloud Wired & Wireless Solutions and Services for small/medium business in Manhattan NY

AWS Cloud Wired & Wireless Solutions and Services for small/medium commercial and industrial businesses in Manhattan NY and Queens.


Looking for a consultant who can help you get connected to the cloud?

  • Looking to complete a project for your company that involves connecting your wireless or wired network to the cloud?
  • Have the hybrid type of office network where you need access to applications hosted on AWS, Azure, or any other cloud providers?
  • Are you trying to figure out how to connect your particular device wirelessly/cellularly to the cloud in a resilient way?
  • Is your business residing in Manhattan NY or Queens or Brooklyn or other metropolitan areas and you simply looking for a way to get connected to the internet, to remote offices or to the cloud?
  • If you answered Yes to any of these questions then there is a good chance that you will need our help.
  • If you are a startup, small or medium business seeking brainstorming help for how to get connected to the cloud or how to interconnect your devices together in such a way that your users have wireless connectivity in a secure way?

What type of businesses in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn can we help get connected to the AWS cloud?

  • Industrial companies
  • Commercial Companies
  • Residential companies


How do we help industrial start-up, small or medium-size companies get connected to AWS cloud 


Binary Fusion helps industrial companies get connected by supplementing your existing team with the consulting expertise in wireless, and wired and cellular software-defined networking expertise. 

A consultant who is familiar with industrial settings will visit your industrial facility analyzes the building size and what type of devices you need to connect, figures out which wireless access points to install and figures out the best location of devices, conduct a wireless site survey and simply reviews what type of devices you have on-premises and provides recommendation for what is the most optimal way to connect your devices to the cloud.

Regardless of what type of devices you need to connect to the AWS cloud Binary Fusion can help you get started by simply brainstorming the right solution for your particular use case.

We realized industrial buildings such as manufacturing plants, shipping facilities, and warehouses have huge ceilings and perhaps some machines that create interference in signal strength or perhaps challenging to connect to the cloud in the first place due to the simple fact that you may not have in-house experts who can help your devices get connected to the cloud.

Having savvy cloud-oriented and software-defined networking consultants help your current industrial employees get connected to AWS cloud can simply the amount of brainpower you need to dedicate to complete your project and speed up the process of getting out to the market in a much faster time.

Why many industrial facilities struggle in connecting their devices to the AWS cloud?

Many industrial facilities have machinery types of devices either in-house or on the road that require constant connectivity to the dedicated cloud servers, but the problem with many industrial facilities is that their staff is not well trained on how to handle AWS account from the standpoint of security and how to connect machines to the cloud wirelessly or cellularly.

This is precisely the reason why we created AWS In motion and in-house connectivity service to help organizations get connected to the cloud.

Navigate to above URL to see how we go above and beyond of simply connecting industrial businesses in Manhattan, Queens, Bronx or Brooklyn NY to AWS cloud.

By navigating to above url you will see why choosing Binary Fusion company for your in motion or in-house wireless or wired networking connectivity needs is the way to go.

Industrial/Manufacturing facility?  In the business of creating some sort of devices for particular niche fields? 

Need to connect your devices to the AWS cloud and stay differentiated from your competitors by being able to offer some super cool feature for your particular wired/wireless device?

If you answered yes then Binary Fusion consulting expertise is the way to go.

Regardless if you need connectivity for in-house or in motion types of devices that are on the road, we can make the reality of your project happen and help you get your devices that you are trying to sell get closer to the reality of being sold.

How exactly can we help you capture the market? 

You see many industrial/manufacturing facilities have a narrow area of expertise... They are not in the business of connecting things to the cloud, but perhaps have machines or devices that they are simply working on trying to sell.  The problem is, it's hard to sell anything without developing some innovative features that can help your wired/wireless device be sold on the market.

Where Binary Fusion comes in is simple...

We create long-term partnership with your particular warehouse or manufacturing facility to help you develop your product further by providing our expertise and networking other professionals in your already existing team together, by training them, by telling them precisely what they need to based on the projected tasks that we create and structuralize to push your product to the next level.

How exactly does Binary Fusion help industrial companies in Manhattan NY | Queens | Bronx | Brooklyn beat their competitors?

Simple... by partnering up with you to do the following tasks.

1. Pull other team members into the same wavelength using project management expertise. (our company's website domain name is Network Consultant ... this is precisely the expertise we have... of pulling other people into getting other folks to do the job that we can't do ourselves, by working together with your team)

2. To educate your staff how to handle the project by structuralizing them in the right path and creating central documenting system then specifically pulling every one of your team members together to effectively deliver precise instructions for whom needs to do what. (Our company's umbrella company is Tutoring Services, LLC, the company that spent years in developing ways for how to train people and figuring out different methods for doing so using digital tablets, whiteboards and other methods that can maximize your staff learning effectiveness... )

3. Educate your staff about project management... or alternatively, your team can simply visit our and learn on their own... but by Binary Fusion working together with your team... you would have a lot better chance of improving effectiveness and efficiency of your industrial warehouse operational product lifecycle that you are developing.

4. We actually pull other external team parties, such as carriers in the mix to help your devices if they are on the road get connected to the cloud.  How exactly do we do that?  If you want to learn how you can view our book about software-defined networking to see how we can connect pretty much anything using software-defined networking expertise and the combination of traditional networking expertise all in one hat.

5.  We create a manual for your product and pull interns to help you build your product faster, using college grad students who are still attending college/university and eager to work and gain experience.  We interconnect these interns to you and to us... For us, they make money by tutoring math... and information technology in Metropolitan area CT, NY, and NJ, and for you they actually work on the project (s).    To view how exactly do we do that visit our Manhattan Tutoring Page.  (remember Binary Fusion is both IT company and educational company, whose umbrella company is Tutoring Services, LLC... which means we can provide a competitive advantage of finding interns for cheaper price and actually help you finish your projects faster )

What can interns do for your warehouse?

1. Do digital sketches in 3d to help you visualize the product and prototype the product.

2. Use coding languages such as javascript and python as well as a combination of Linux skills to cook up necessary scripts to automate your solution.

How are interns going to be able to do all that? 

With the direction of Binary Fusion consultant who will train your senior staff engineers or developers and hand it all of structurally in a nice traditional tutoring manner, face to face directly in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx NY or other metropolitan areas of CT, NY, and NJ.


Why would interns consider working for your company?

Easy, because they will be provided opportunity to teach for Tutoring Services, LLC and make money on hourly part-time flexible basis teach other students math, information technology, 3d prototyping etc..  To increase the chances for being able to get smart interns, we ask our clients to allocate some hourly budget for our interns. this way they can work on a flexible basis for our clients, and still get to finish their school. 

We typically recommend our interns to work with our clients either 1st shift or 2nd scheduling option.  DBA Binary Fusion Interns are happy because they make money working for our clients, and clients are happy because they are not obligated to pay huge hourly salary to employees and instead leverages our expertise to direct/coach/train your IT engineering senior staff personnel who intern can mentor the interns and get lots of projects completed.

Plus in the midst of it all, interns would get experience from the actual company who is our long-term partner/client and get training from Tutoring Services, LLC in information technology, software-defined networking, coding, project management, quality assurance and cybersecurity (depending on the track interns pick when they join our internship program).  Combination of our partnership with you and our training expertise creates high-quality Binary Fusion consultants out of less experienced interns.  At which point after intern finish their 3-month internship program we simply assist intern with job placement and help them land a full time job.

In the process of helping students land jobs after finishing the internship and in the process of providing training and in the process of helping interns survive while they are still in college and get paid on part-time basis from industrial company who happens to be our client and the process of helping interns make part-time income tutoring math... allows our interns not only gain experience and knowledge in the real world in the field of information technology, science, math, and engineering but also sets our interns up for future career success. 

This is precisely the reason why interns eager to work with us, and since they are eager to work with us... we can extend their eagerness and desire to work to you... our future potential client... the client who may need help in getting their product to the market.

In summary

What we have shown you so far is how Binary Fusion helps industrial companies in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens NY get connected wirelessly and using wired software-defined networking technology... but what we also showed is how we connect other individuals such as interns to help industrial company complete various types of tasks for whatever type of projects that you may have that related to engineering/math/cyber security/cloud and software-defined networking.

To get started call us from the top right corner phone number... or text us from the chat window and ask us to evaluate your particular industrial company business needs, similarly we provide consulting services for commercial and industrial companies in Manhattan, NY, and tri state area of CT NY and NJ.